The double D

When: 03/25/2017

QIC: dosido & devito

PAX (): devito, dosido, boomer, dab, cookie, swiper, crack, foghorn, sunshine, moonshine, zima, lorax, gizmo, FNG trickle, FNG ralphie

At 0600 YHC took part for the first time in a pre-beatdown ruck alongside devito and the dab. It had been described by some as a great warmup to the workout; not too draining and really loosens you up for what’s to come. I must say i was worried that it was all a ruse but i have to admit that for today at least, it was completely true. I will join again for sure, and recommend others to give a go as well. 0700 sharp, we have two FNGs in the group needing a quick disclaimer so the official start time was delayed 1min 45secs. 0702 we launch into a split Q lead first by YHC then @0730 hand off to devito.

Mosey to bottom of the Hill for
SSH x15
Merkin x10

The Thang:
Each PAX will run the Hill x3. At the summit perform as many unbroken merkins as you can then return to the bottom for LBCs equalling 2x your merkin count. Repeat this for all three ascensions, on third trip up remain at top for merkin/LBC combo.

Next we mosey to the bathroom structure, circle up for what crack correctly predicted would be MARY with no rest for legs between sets.
6″ hold, dolly x12, 45degrees hold, rosalita x12, 6″ hold, 45 degrees hold, LBCs x15, ending with 6″ hold – recover.

Following this we used the wall for 1:4 ratio derkin/donkey kicks on the wall (FYI this combo was very difficult to even get to 4:16…)

Lastly, we did a rather brief BTTW competition as everyone was smoked from the afore mentioned 1:4 derkin/donkeys. Crack was winner, but his technique may be easier to hold than arms outstretched as the rest of the PAX had – (note to self: remember to test this theory to clear his good name if I’m wrong about this 🙂 )

Devito takes over, here’s how it went down for the second half:

Mosey down to the soccer field and around to the corner near the lot. 1-to-5 BLAM.
Round 1:
B – start with 1 Burpee in corner 1
L – run to midfield corner 2 for 5 2-count Lunges
A – run across to the other midfield corner 3 for 5 2-count American Hammer
M – run to corner 4 for 5 Merkins, then run back to corner 1 and air chair/plank for the 6

Repeat for round 2 with 2-to-10 rep BLAM. Continue repeating to round 5 with 5-to-25 rep BLAM. Crack and Foghorn accelerated the pack out the the gate each round, but Boomer showed strength through the finish.

Mosey over to the rock pile and select a decent size coupon.
Set 1 – 25 full curls OYO
Set 2 – 25 overhead skull crushers OYO. Fault to YHC for confusing instructions to start this set
Set 3 – 10 4-count in cadence curls, slow 1-count up and 3-count down
Set 4 – 10 4-count in cadence overhead skull crushers, slow 3-count down and 1-count up

Mosey back to the lot for some Mary.
– Leg lifts

– Thanks to Gizmo for sharing a motivating devotional.
– Prayers for family and friends of Sunshine’s coworker who passed away.

– Big welcome to FNG’s Trickle and Ralphie

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