It’s a breeze…

High winds and cold temps had the flag flapping more than Darth’s gums the day after the Clemson BCS victory, but 4 showed up to embrace the challenge.  Here’s how she went:

Mosey to the lower parking lot for warm ups:


Abe vigodas


stayed on dry ground for 4 corners escalators

Burpees x 10, sprint to corner

repeat + 20 Monkey humpers

repeat both + 30 squats

repeat all + 40 LBC’s

Rinse and repeat in reverse order, this time dropping one exercise at each corner

next off to the big playground for pain stations:

each PAX alternating AMRAP

1- Short side lap around the track

2- chin ups on the bars

3- Derkins on the rock of Gibraltar

4- Calf raises on the sidewalk

quick stop by the coupon pile for rapid fires x 15

full curls




back for round robin Mary for the crew

-continued Prayers for job searches

-prayers for DV’s daughter moving to Asheville, NC for new job

-prayers for the Body for life and canine transitions

-2nd F possibility for Thursday night at Rick Tanners at Vickery.  All F3 PAX welcome!

– Crack speaking at church breakfast on Sat. AM after Cherokee beat down- details to follow

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