Cherokee learns about PAIN

When: 3/13/17

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Babyface, The Mole, Bloodhound, Cricket, Banjo, Westside, C-4, Natty Lite, & Misty

After trying to get creative on Saturday, I decided to go back to the basics on Monday. Monday’s recipe called for lotta reps, a little running, and a dash of weeklong pain.  Served cold with a side of wind.


Warm up:

We did a short mosey to the back of the school then added 10 SSH & 8 Cotton Pickers.  I been told there is no real reason for long warm ups and with what we had ahead of us, I decided to go ahead and set that mindset into motion.


The Thang:

The Board of Pain.  For those of you who have been privy to the board of pain, I imagine you may have just let out and audible Ugh.  For those of you who have not had the pleasure, just wait, I’m sure it will pop up sooner or later.  After Saturday’s showing I was looking for a little redemption, and was able to narrowly come out ahead of C-4 who was nipping at my heels.  Our bench mark is completing the Russian Twist.  We have work today, yes, but we are young and seeing the effort this crew put into the day’s workout made me proud to be apart of such a group.  We moseyed back to the flag with just enough time to count off.



Prayers for Cricket and his family as the are going through some difficulties.



March is FNG month, so find a friend, co-worker, neighbor, or someone that you want to see moan and groan about being sore, and EH them into joining the fun.  We have plenty of opportunities at Cherokee Co., Big Creek (Fowler park – Tues/Thurs), Rubicon (Wills Park-Tues/Thurs), The Hooche (Johns Creek – M/W), and the Widow Maker (Webb Bridge Park – Sat)


The Mole is crushing it up at Cherokee Co


We thought Westside stood us up on Saturday, but apparently he was just an hour early.  Not one to waste the day he went ahead and completed his own workout, so #TClaps to him for making the most of his day.

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