TO Q’d

When: 3/7/17


PAX (): Cookie, DC2, Devito, Fondue, Foghorn, Do-Si-Do, Miller Time, Moonshine, Blue Steel, Crack, Bear, Murdoch, Zima, Nacho Libre, Mufasa

YHC posting on behalf of TO while he gets squared away with login to the website.

The  PAX gathered to share what was going to be TO’s VQ. What a fine one it was – 2 minutes before time, TO takes off before the warm up to warm up, signaling 5 secs later NOT to follow, so we’re waiting. The mumble chatter and anticipation of another VQ to mix things up was electric, and we couldn’t wait to get started. What follows is TO’s words, and this is how it went:

Absolutely perfect conditions were blessed upon 16 strong posting to the Rubicon this morning with 57 degrees and a starlit morning.  The PAX paired up for most of the beatdown and showed that Together is Better.  Mosey up to the pool parking lot for some warm up.


  • SSH
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Hill Billies


Mosey to the 8U upper baseball fields and pair up.  Sugar Rays with Clydesdales for some dora

  • 100 Merkins, 200 Flutter Kicks (2 count) and 300 American Hammers (1 count – some confusion there, the virgin QIC learns a lesson)
  • One partner exercises while the other does 10 box jumps on the garden retaining wall.  There was some outstanding vertical leap on display that NFL Scouts would be scoring high this week at the combine .

Mosey down to the 10U lower baseball fields.  Pair up again for some Catch Me if You Can.  Line up on the 3rd base line.  One partner bangs out 5 Burpees while the other runs backwards to the right field fence.  Finish burpees, sprint to your partner and switch.  Four lengths or more were completed by each pair.

Mosey up to the Field of Dreams and assemble behind the backstop.  Start with one LBC, run to the top of the hill for 10 Merkins, run back down the hill.  Repeat, increase LBCs and decrease merkins to 10 and 1.  Mosey to the flag for some Mary.


  • J-Lo
  • Dying cock roach


  • Thoughts and Prayers for Flo’s father who is in hospice
  • Mufasa traveling on 21 and 28 March

Moleskin (YHC’s words)

  • TO was ready to take us back onto FOD, he was having so much fun, but we were out of time.
  • Crack and Mufasa ready to go until one gave in at merkins on the 11s – Crack won – there was other work to do!
  • Energetic PAX his morning, ready to give it all.


  • New AO launched in Cherokee Co. Good participation!   Mufasa has the Q there tomorrow.
  • Reply to the survey and help with the Starfish growth – We are growing!
  • 3rd F Thursday at Corner Deli.

2 thoughts on “TO Q’d”

  1. From one Dallas Cowboys fan to an other: well done TO !

    Proud of my friend down south, Qing is the first sign that F3 is becoming part of your life’s routine. You will know you have arrived when you can actually sleep the entire night before your Q.

    • #Fakenews. That’s just wrong Resistor! I spent my entire teenage years converting you from a Cowboys fan to GangGreen (Eagles).


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