Noodles for arms – 3/6/17

When: 3/6/17

QIC: Simba

PAX (): Boomer, The Dab, Pony Boy, Moon Toes (FNG), Sunshine, Piggy, Squirrel

I have to admit that I am glad to be back in the gloom. I was out for being sick (yes, fartsacking happened) and then gone for an out of state week long conference (no, I didn’t post). To be back getting a beatdown was quite the refresher that I needed. Thanks for the 8 PAX that showed and made the Thang happen. To everyone else who stayed in their fartsack, I look forward to seeing you next time!


The Thang:


Intro and warm up IC

10 SSH

10 Imperial walkers

10 Cotton Pickers

10 Mountain climbers


Mosey to Chapel fire pit

3 sets in all.

15 derkins

15 step up

15 dips

Hold 90 degree dip until 6 is in.

Repeat set.


Mosey to playground

We did circuit with 1 min rotations. 50 seconds on with 10 seconds to get to next activity. Here was the fun.


Pull ups

Monkey humpers



Seal Jack’s


Mosey to the parking lot halfway back to the flag.

Suicides consisting of:

10 monkey humpers at the Base and repeated every time you get back to base.

Checkpoint 1 – 10 burpees


Checkpoint 2 – 10 carolina drydocks


Checkpoint 3 – 10 diamond merkins


Finish mosey back to flag.



Freddy Mercury – 10

Dolley’s – 10

Dying Cockroach – 20

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