Richard Simmons would be proud

When: 03/04/17

QIC: dosido

PAX (): davito, dc2, mufasa, zima, boomer, moonshine, flo, cookie

Tough assignments today fellas, great work on a brisk morning. Mufasa led several PAX a long pre-beatdown ruck “warmup” – very impressive, maybe someday I’ll feel capable of joining in. Here’s how things went today:


Mosey to the upper parking lot for SSH, Imp Walkers, and Cotton Pickers. Here we had a birds-eye view of our first exercise…

The Thang:

1) 4 stations: First happened to be where we stood at upper lot exit for 20 merkins. Second: mosey to the rock pile for 20 heavy curls. Third: mosey up to bathroom for 10 handstand pushups. Fourth: mosey dirt path to beginning of upper lot for 20 LBCs. Mosey to starting point and plank for six. Repeat all stations in the reverse direction then hold 6″ for the six. Then, to be extra sure we were all satisfied YHC asked for a third cycle in the original direction. Plank, go to 6″, and other items were used until six arrived.

2) Next we mosey to a never-before used set of never-before sat upon or at least, probably never-before stood upon tables in a never-before used pavilion above the soccer field. Richard Simmons would have proud and yelling “You can do it!” as we embarked on a derkin/step-up 1:4 all the way to 10/40. That’s 220 step-ups and 55 derkins in total – hopefully we’ll be feeling that one later.

3) Next we mosey into soccer field for 5mins of painful MARY: the kind where no breaks are given, always holding legs off the ground between sets. It went something like this but i must admit this is usually called spontaneously in the moment so details are sketchy… // 6″, 45degrees, 6″, dolly, 6″, 45degrees, rosalita, 6″, reverse LBCs, 6″, 45degrees, then ended with LBCs. Some burning was involved.

4) Next we used the nearest penalty box, come on guys, who doesn’t know this is called the penalty box? really? anyways, the corners of the box were our points for mini mucho chesto. Regulars, wides, diamonds, offsets. Then repeat but end with opposite offsets. we side shuffled and ran forward/backwards always facing east/northeast/west/southerly the whole time.

5) Lastly, we headed over for ring of fire squats in center of field. Once around CCW, then repeat CW holding air-chair while all PAX performed 10 beauties each.

Mosey/race to lot for 1.5min of boxcutters to end the session.


prayers to Flo and his family; his Dad is not in good shape, and it appears they are preparing for the next steps. When asked if there was any way we could offer support he simply asked for prayers, so let’s honor that and please keep them lifted this entire week.

Strong work out there by all PAX, you were pushed hard and you all responded like Men.

Always an honor,

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