Just Released

When: 03/02/17

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Clyde, The Body, Swiper, Big Dipper

It was a brisk 42 degrees with a strong breeze this morning as the 4 horsemen of Big Creek met.  Missing our resident Mean Gene Olberman, Darth Visor, for commentary, and what we thought was needed for more backup.  As 5:30 hit we saw one more would be sad clown car pull into the parking lot.  Were they lost?  Here for a beatdown?  Taking the mentality of everyone is welcome we wave him over.  YHC, apologized for forgetting this guys’ name but as soon as he started talking I was looking for my best case exit strategy.  After a few min of mumble chatter and quite a bit TMI, and one more check to make sure my car was locked. We parted ways and mosied into the gloom.

We elected to go deep into the gloom this morning to remain out of sight. For some quick warm ups:

15 X SSH

15 X Hillbillies

12 X cotton Pickers

Mosey to the “other” turf soccer field that I don’t believe we have ever used before, to try out a challenge I saw just last night while I was struggling to come up with a BeatDown.  Saved by Twitter:

#2017ofeverything March Challenge

Do as many rounds of:

10  Burpees

10  Merkins

10  Big boy Sit-ups

10  Squat Jumps

10  Mountain Climbers.

In 20:17

Just as I started the clock I realized I had lost my keys.  Still rattled from the previous encounter and not used to taking my keys with me into the gloom a quick search was on.  

With keys found quickly with a quick search to the SSH area it was back to start the clock.

Like a flash Swiper was out into the lead and never looked back completing 9 full rotations before the clock struck Zero.  The Body was a strong second with 7 ½ rounds completed not bad for having perfect attendance this week.  4 days in a row at Cherokee and Big Creek, we expect to see you at HoppyLike tomorrow.  Bringing up the rear with just finishing 7 rounds was YHC and Big Dipper who is nowhere near as big as he was when named.  Very proud to see his improvement.  My guess is he would not have finished 3 rounds when he first started F3 just a few months ago.

After a quick 10-count we mosey to the coupon dispensary for some quick arms:

20  X  Skull Crushers

20  X  Overheads

15  X  Colt 45’s

20  X  Rows

Mosey home to flag for Mary

20  X  LBC

20  X  American Hammer





Glad to hear Cherokee is off to a good start and proud to have The Body representing Big Creek at the launch

Continued prayers for Swiper’s family and the family of my co-worker for healing of her husband.

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