Cherokee County – Day 2

When: 03/01/17

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Babyface, Bloodhound, Law Dog, C4, The Body, Cricket, Banjo, Crack, Foghorn, The Mole (FNG)

The first day of March, 2nd day of beatdowns in Cherokee Co, and the AO already has back-to-back 10 faithful.. and that’s without coffeeteria. Who knows what Saturday might bring?

The Warmup:
YHC wants to take a tour of the AO and get a feel for its offerings.

Stop at first grassy knoll for SSH x  18.

Stop at next grassy hill for Merkin Clock.. 5 single count merkins, bear crawl to next position.. all the way around the clock.

Stop at next grassy knoll for Imperial Walker x 10, Cotton Pickers x 10.

Mosey to baseball field where the PAX is turned away by a lock on the gate, though Babyface informs us he has access to the football field for future beatings.. good to know.

The Thang:

Circle up next to field.. Deconstructed Burpee. 10, 9, 8, all the way down. The mumble chatter quickly dissipates on this right around number 9.

Indian Run, with man in front taking the PAX wherever he so desires. Man at back gives us one great looking burpee before the sprint to the front. Though no one else was back there to check the form, this PAX does not take shortcuts, and form is always impeccable.. riiight.

The PAX ends up at a set of benches in front of the school for 11s. 10 dips, 1 merkin. 9 dips, 2 merkins…

Recover and circle up.

SSH x 12, Squats x 10, Star Jumps x 8
SSH x 10, Squats x 8, Star Jumps x 6
SSH x 8, Squats x 6, Star Jumps x 4

Lunge to end of drive, then sprint to flag.

Mary includes LBC x 15, Reverse LBC x 15, Flutter x 20

YHC realizes the PAX has 5 minutes left on the clock, and not being one to let the time go to waste, calls Lieutenant Dans up to 6/24.

All around general praise, including The Body’s 3rd beating this week. #respect


  • Both FNGs back from Monday’s workout, Cricket and Banjo. You can never really tell who sticks or goes, but I’ve got a good feeling about those guys.
  • FNG The Mole was a cross country champ in high school, so note to future Qs about his endurance. Good performance today.
  • Excited to get on the football field, lots of fun to be had there.
  • Chatter about a Saturday workout as well, followed up by coffeeteria… this Saturday. Good opp for FNGs.
  • Getting a team together for the F3 mud run. See the newsletter and check your calendars.. we need 4 or 8 guys (or more!)


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