You want me to do what?

When: 2/28/17

QIC: Moses (WB)

PAX (): ManHole, Leon (WD)

3 pax took the red pill on an odd, off-day (Tuesday) workout at Dunwoody HS. Why was it odd? Ask Leon…

Mosey to tennis courts, with disclaimer along the way.
Warm-up went something like this:
1 burpie, 10 SSH in cadence (IC)
2 burpies, 10 windmills IC
3 burpies, 10 skaters IC
4 burpies, 10 squats IC
5 burpies, 10 imperial storm troopers IC
6 burpies, 10 knee ups IC
7 burpies, 10 stone mountains IC

Mosey to the amphitheater rock pile for a traveling, one-handed rock
Mosey past the cars and down the stairs to the memorial garden benches for:
perpetual step-up 10 IC; flapjack
dips 10 IC
jump ups 10 OYO
dips 10 IC

Challenge the runners for lanes 5 and 6 by the pull-up bars where we spent a long time completing 11s…
10 pullups / 1 turkish get-up
9 pullups / 2 turkish get-ups

1 pullup / 10 turkish get-ups

one lap around the track to recover from 11s
returned the rocks to their right places with one stop for diamond merkins – 10 IC
gathered at the virtual SF by the cars for some stretching

1) Many thanks for the support, men. I’d have FS’ed for sure if not for your HCs last night.
2) Leon mumbled something about paying the price for checking his email last night, but then proceeded with extra credit on the 11s at the pull-up bars. BEAST
3) The runners on the track were legit. But, Manhole challenged them anyway to a race and they took off…skeert.
4) I should have advertised my offer to buy the first round on email last night…might have roped a few more unsuspecting pax into the post this morning.
5) Thanks for taking us out, Leon. Twas an honor to lead you men through the toughest part of the day and be led by you in prayer to close it out.

Pax tibi

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