And the crowd was pleased

When: 2/28/17

QIC: Mufasa

PAX (): Bear, Blue Steel, Cookie, Devito, Fondue, Miller Time, Nacho Libre, Sunshine

The conditions were cloudy, 51 degrees with 66 % humidity when 9 of the toughest posted this morning. They were ready to work, thus preparing for victories they knew would be theirs throughout the day. They post for the one next to them, knowing that’s how you get through tough times, and this was going to be tough.

Fast mozy down to parking lot on the way for Horse Field for the warm up.

Warm up (all IC):

  • SSH
  • Windmill
  • Merkins
  • IW
  • Cotton Pickers

Mozy to Horse Field.

The thang:

  • Crowd pleaser across the field with burpees at the center line and merkins and squats at either end.
  • total is 40, start with 30 merkins, subtracting 5 each time and 10 squats adding 5 each time.
  • People’s chair waiting for the six.
  • Line up for the Bear Crawl Inch worm – each PAX does 2 crawls.
  • COP for Burp and Merk ladder up to a count of 10 merkins OYO.

On the way back to the flag, stopping off at the wall to do people’s chair while each PAX takes a turn at a 30 yard sprint there and back.

Back to flag at pace for Mary.

Mary (all IC)

  • Dolly
  • E2K
  • Box cutters
  • Rosalitas
  • Flutters



  • Injury list – Miller TimeĀ and Blue Steel recovering well. RG3 bruised ribs.
  • Nacho and Bear accelerating men this morning
  • Sign up for Tough Mudder with Promise686 supporting Foster children – see Sunshine.
  • Third F Thursday – always inspiration talk delving into the Word.
  • Looking forward to Fondue’s VQ Thursday for #50!
  • Good work by all!



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