why are you power walking?

When: 2/25/17

QIC: Mufasa

PAX (): Devito, Cookie, Crack

4 PAX showed interest in a ruck this morning at Widow-Maker. Exited to get going, the Pre60 trio humped it out of the park via the main entrance, and re-entered via a side entrance to be back 30 minutes later to pick up the Pre30 PAX. The result would be a figure 8 around the park, estimated to be a total of nearly 4 miles. Walking uphill at pace with a weight on your back would probably look like power walking to some.

Included in this was a total of 3 times up the hill. You never know know when you’ll need the Zombieland’s rule #1 of cardio. We had rule #6 covered – “Travel in a group”.

After about 50 minutes of ┬ádouble-quick time, the rain came down, a welcome reminder that we’re in the great outdoors. Earlier the morning, lightning flashed in the clouds, nothing making it to earth, so we continued on.

Still learning, the mumbler chatter ranged from about gear to training methods and golfing, and some other things in between.

Made in back with 2 minutes to spare before the 7 am WO, finishing strong.

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