Felt Like Full Body

When: 02/25/17

QIC: dosido

PAX (): yuengling, davito, mufasa, crack, haha, dab, c4, busey, gizmo, boomer, darth

At 6:55am the rain hit widowmaker. At 7:02am the rain stopped but was enough to give us a wet canvas as we began our morning. Here’s what happened:


Mosey up to entrance circle for SSH x15, MTN climbers x15, merkins x10, pickers x10, hillbillies x15

The Thang:

Mosey back to stairs for a Saturday staple; partner carry to top, 3 carries each PAX

Mosey into park (retro-traffic) and stop at first field on the left. Here we did 4 pain stations:
1= handstands balanced against first base fence
2= big boy situps behind 2nd base
3= squats near 3rd base
(4) Home= 10 burpees to set the pace, then mosey to tag out station 1, 1 tags out station 2, and so on
Repeat whole loop so all PAX hit 4 stations x2

Mosey on to the hill and wait at the top. Here we added core by holding 6″, went into flutters x10, dolly x10, rosalita x10, then held 6″, went to 45 degrees, back to 6″, then 45 degrees again, then LBCs x20 without resting legs – Recover.

Mosey to the playground pavilion for more core: 6″, box cutters x10, 6″, 45 degrees, then ended with reverse LBC x10 – no rest between sets. Recover.

Mosey to the rock pile and partner up. PAX 1 grabs a “running” rock, PAX 2 grabs a “curling” rock. PAX 1 runs the loop around guardrail and back, PAX 2 is curling until partner returns to switch rocks. AMRAP this cycle for 7mins.

Mosey into soccer field, form circle in center for ring of fire merkins. CCW first, then repeat CW.

With time to spare we added partner carry races for full length of field. Switch at midfield, at end of field, midfield again, then finish it out. Winners? crack and gizmo i believe; congrats men.


tragedy has struck F3nation. A Fellow PAX, dipstick, lost his life participating in a fund raiser boxing match; he was a family man so f3nation has asked all AO’s to lift this family in prayer.

Crack has initiated some important discussion found on the watercooler about leadership and the roles that need filling to help keep f3 in our region growing. See the discussion for ways to get involved.

Great work by all today; yes, even crack…several times we saw only his shapely backside as he and mufasa led several portions of the mosey during todays beatdown

Always and honor
Peace out,

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