F3HoppyLike – Shortest Distance all Year

When: 02/17/2017


PAX (): Crack, HickoryStick, Ha-Ha, Peanut, DefConII

Great to get out on a chilly morning and stretch the “now officially old” legs.  Even better to stay a half mile from the cars, yet the distance is deceiving since we went round and round and round to build the miles.

The Thang:

Depart from Mugs on Milton meetup at 5:30.

Warm up pace for half a mile to the Independence High School Track (lit up by the moon and PAX headlamps).  Run two laps to complete the warm up.

Fartlek Fun!

Run half a lap (200), accelerate the straight 100 to a full sprint and recover on the 100 bend.

Rinse and Repeat – x 12

We snuck an extra lap in there somehow due to poor counting during lack of Oxygen induced Tunnel vision, but it didn’t kill us and made us stronger.  Somewhere along the way we last a PAX needing a Sudafed, but soldiered on.

After the laps were completed, the PAX ran two cool down laps, sprinted the last 100 and headed back to the Flag (there was no flag, just cars).

Total Distance: 5.42 miles   (as recorded by our official Cartographer Ha-Ha – https://twitter.com/Nelson_GW/status/832553554518867968)



Hickory Stick was indeed sighted this morning!  FogHorn was out due to sick 2.0 (get well and some sleep soon).  The rest of the PAX described the run as hard, yet “not as bad as I expected.”  Great job PAX.  Speed workouts (Fartlek) help build endurance and bursts of speed when you need it the most (especially when the Q yells, “To the Flag!” at the end of a long grueling workout).

Whether you are a runner or Not: Come out to #F3HoppyLike next week!  #IRunThereforeIAm

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