Who’s Scared of the Rain?

When: 02/15/2017

QIC: El Matador

PAX (): Sneakers, Sunshine, Boomer, Peanut, Simba, The Dab

Not these PAX!  LIghtning, that’s a different story.  There was a little conversation that the rain might miss us, but that dream ended 5 minutes into the downpainment.  Who cares, we press forward anyway.  Here’s what the Q brought:
Warmups in Cadence:
Cotton Pickers X 10
Side Straddle Hops X 15
Nolan Ryan’s X 20 (10 each arm)
We moseyed on, and stopped for some quick dips and step-ups, 36 each.
Why is the Q taking us so far away from our cars, when there is a chance of lightning?  Motivation!  Stopped for some ATM’s:
15 cadence shoulder touches
10 cadence merkins
10 quick merkins
Rinse and Repeat
Next came Aiken Legs (20 Squats, 20 Monkey Humpers, 20 Lunges (10 each leg), 20 Split Jacks, (10 each leg forward) Rinse and Repeat another time.
Here comes the lightning!  The Q decides it’s time to head back, but with a little fun on the way.  Burpee catch Me if You can’s all the way to the road, then mosey back to start.  Time for some Bear Crawl Merkins:  2 Lines, 10 merkins, do a 5-count walk, 10 merkins, all the way to the end.  Just to finish the burn, we end with a Plank Challenge!  Boomer would not be unseated as the reigning champion.
Finish the Beatdown with BTTWs for a minute, Freddie Mercuries, LBC’s, Dolly, and Reverse LBC’s.  Strong showing for a rainy day!
Prayers for Squirrel & family, Flo’s dad, Boomer’s neighbor, and Sneaker’s presentation today.  Also that we don’t get pneumonia.

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