Hindenburg on Horse Field on Valentine’s day

10 Pax post, ready to give it all, at the Rubicon in fine conditions – 33 degrees and calm with clear skies. Not to confuse horses with Valentines, but that’s just how things worked out today. We are the Rubicon, there are horses and we have Valentine’s day!

Short run to a warm up area –  stay sharp! Head on a swivel, the Q may change his mind in a split second.

Warm up
Body builders

The thang:

Move! Run to Horse Field. Ready for the Hindenburg

It became apparent that YHC did not properly instruct the numbers for the BLIMPS. Fortunately Co-Q is there to help out. YHC will do better and be clear.

Hindenburg – the count is at each of the four corners of horse field.
First round 10 burpees
Second round 15 lunges (both legs per count)
Third round 20 imperial walkers (both legs per count)
Forth round 25 merkins
Fifth round 30 plank jacks
Sixth round 35 squats

Dig deep and work till exhaustion.

Mozy to a wall near the FOD – line up on the wall for people’s chair while each pax runs out and does 10 monkey humpers at the expense of mild mockery by the rest of the pax – good thing it’s still dark.

Prayers and praises for physical healings a and upcoming surgeries
Pray for folks without jobs

Accelerating men – Nacho, Miller Time and Blue Steel (Respect)
Blue Steel still in hamstring recovery – imagine how he is when 100%!
C4 always showing fine form – explosive

YHC inspired by those PAX who show up every time –
“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13.