Post Falcon Beatdown Beatdown

When: 02/06/17

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Callahan, Sunshine, Simba, The Dab, Sneakers, El Matador, Piggy, Captain Stubing

The pax were tired and beat down before the real beatdown began thanks to the Falcons doing the most Falcony thing possible. YHC thinks that should be a new word, falcony. Rhymes with balcony. The place you stand and enjoy something beautiful. Like being ahead by 25 points in the Super Bowl. Then falling off the balcony to an agonizing death. Falcony.

Anyway, 9 pax were ready and YHC was able enough to work up a thorough lather. Here’s what happened.


Since most of the pax didn’t sleep much, we kinda skipped this step. Instead we did suicides with our traditional warmup exercises in between. 35 of each. Just one more than 34. Hmmm.

The Thang:

Indian Run to the rock pile. Partner up and grab one hefty rock per group. Partner 1 lunges with rock toward street. Partner 2 does 5 burpees then catches Partner 1. Switch. Repeato until make it to street. Time for 11s (we still love Julio even if Kyle Shanahan forgot about you). Half the pax start at bottom of hill with big boy situps with rock. Other half start at top of hill with monkeyhumpers. For extra fun, stop for 5 merkins halfway up and down the hill. 5 for freakin Brady Superbowl rings. While waiting for 6, one partner Zamperini while other partner does 5 burpees. Switch and repeat until 6 is in. Indian Run back to shovel flag. Balls to the walls until the 6 is in. 3 MOM. COT and BOM.


  • YHC said grab a rock. Simba took that to mean the biggest rock in the pile. Nice work. Callahan appreciated it.
  • Good coffee after. Talk about focusing our vision on growth. Too many sad clowns are unreached.
  • Lots of fast and angrier than usual drivers on State Bridge Road this morning. YHC thinks they sped up when they saw pedestrians crossing the street.

Good work y’all.


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