Rise Up F3alpha!

When: 02/04/17

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Boomer, HaHa, DC2, Gizmo, So Great, Foghorn, Yuengling, Mufasa, Devito, Miller Time, The Dab, Busey, FNG Monster, FNG Lorax, FNG HeHe, FNG Dozer & a 5th FNG unnamed

-Mosey around the parking lot, then a quick lap around the soccer field
-Divide into two groups facing each other, Red & Black on one side Non-Red/Black on the other
-Side straddle hop, Cotton picker, Imperial walker to the beat of “Welcome to ATL”
-Merkins & Air presses to the Falcons anthem, “Rise Up”
-Burpees and LBC’s to the tune of “All We Do is Win”
-Mosey to the hill, plank for six.  Continue mosey to King Field

-Partner up, each partner runs across the field 3 times while other partner is doing Lunges, Squats & Plank Jacks, switching places each time
-Mosey back over to the base of the hill for 2 MOM
-LBC, Dying Cockroach
-Divide into aforementioned teams for a run up the hill, stopping halfway
-Red & Black going forward, Non-Red/Black going backward
-Flap jack halfway
-plank for the six, 10 second count at the top to catch our breath (it was at this point we lost an FNG)
-Mosey over to the playground grab a partner and swing
-One partner does 10 Swerkins, other partner does Lunges, 3 times each
-Mosey back to the soccer field
-Line up facing each other for Seal Situps #InBrotherhood
-The PAX was pushed hard on the 1st round getting 30, but then were told that was the Patriots score, so we had to 1-up it on the next round to give the Falcons 31 and the gamewinner
-Partner carry race was up next.  1st partner carries to half field, then switch coming home.
-We were left with 5 MOM, ring around the rosey style – Dolly, JLO, American Hammer, Merkin & Dying Insect

18 strong on a crisp winter morning at the Widowmaker, including 5 FNG’s for a special Rise Up edition.  Big props to HaHa, his EH game is strong.  4 made it to Name-O-Roma, let’s hope #5 comes back to join us again soon.  Mad respect for Mufasa & DC2 for their pre-45 Ruck and still somehow pushed the PAX.  Congrats to Boomer, Flo, The Dab & all of the other Hooch guys for its 1 year anniversary this week!  Now, let’s all go Rise Up and help bring home a Super Bowl trophy!

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