Tribute to IHOP

When: 1/26/2017

QIC: Moses

PAX (): Green Bean, Hand Basket (WB), Madoff, Manhole, Montross, Poison, ... (WD)

8 men gathered in the balmy gloom of a January morning at Dunwoody HS in the burbs of Atlanta. 8 men emerged leaving their excuses behind.

Thang: (IC = in cadence)
Mosey with Moses to school’s main entrance for:
Imperial Walkers 15 IC
Windmills 10 IC
Merkins 5 IC
Side straddle IHOP (left foot) 10 IC
Perkins 5 IC
Side straddle IHOP (right root) 10 IC

Mosey to the tennis court for various forms of People’s Chair and the short version of John Power’s inspirational workouts on one leg. 13 minute mile on crutches…SMH

Mosey to the track to deconstruct the burpee:
* 1st time around the track, 15 jump squats at each turn
* 2nd time around, 15 1-legged thrusts or groiners at each turn, alternating legs
* 3rd time around, 15 1-legged merkins at each turn
* 4th time around, 10 burpies at each turn

Line-up on field for cackalacka-choo-choo, 2 times through
Return to parking lot with some 1-legged stair hops along the way

In groups of 3, partner plank curls/lawn-mower 10x, cycle through
For those waiting, Low flutter
The “W” 15 IC
Homer to Marge several time through

Recover – Recover

1) Manhole was in good spirits, despite having imbibed in too many spirits early in the week and performed admirably on the track.
2) Hand Basket was smiling…yeah right…tell me something I don’t know. You, my friend, need to get on the schedule and lead the warm-up at a workout in the near future…it might help to post at more than 1 workout per week…just sayin’.
3) Fortunately, there was a long enough break between my last post and this post such that the Jekyl/Hyde Wolfpack slightly redeemed themselves after the debacle at the Dean Dome…Montross was ALMOST silenced.
4) After staying clean and dry for 35 minutes, the tension was palpable when I took the pax onto the muddy field and put them in plank position…ahh, the power of the Q
5) Thanks, Men. It was an honor to lead you through the gloom.

Be the inspiration for someone today. Someone out there needs F3 as much as you and he’s waiting for you to invite him to a workout.

If there’s interest in a Tuesday workout in Norcross or Dunwoody, let me know. I’m in and happy to shoulder the Q when I’m in town.

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