American Legion Mishap

When: 01/26/2017

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): Nacho Libre, Mufasa, DeVito, MoonShine, T.O., RG3, DC2, Cookie, BabyFace, Murdock, Foghorn

It started like any other morning in the Rubicon Gloom……..

12 men moseyed on over to the Lot behind the pool for a warmup involving the normal exercises including the SSH, Cotton Picker,  IW and Pop Jacks (ok this one isn’t normal but YHC just likes it)

Next came the Mercan Mile with 10x Burpee’s at Speed bumps and rotating normal, wide and diamond mercan’s at the cross street’s/corners.  At the first corner in our normal stopping spot was a dead possum which may have been an ominous sign.  Nacho couldn’t take the roadkill stew smell and moved up for his plank

Next we visited the American Legion because why not; it’s a cool spot Foghorn took us to one time before.  As we got close to the baseball field, Our dedicated Co-Q (DC2) spotted a Veteran coming out with his flashlight.  I’m sure he was concerned seeing 12 men in the dark but everyone knows old guys like Cookie’s – so Cookie went off to ease his mind – and then we all went off the American Legion grounds in short order as one of Alpharetta’s finest came pulling in in behind us.  Lesson Learned – NO visiting in the dark!

No problem, Audible called and we moseyed on to Horse Field.  8 Count Body Builders x 10.  Next we started at one end of the field, ran to the other end for 10 Burpee’s OYO, back to the starting spot for 10 Mercans, Repeated 8, 6, 4, 2 until all completed.  Mosey back to the Flag for some quick MARY.


  • Prayer’s for Devito’s new job starting Monday
  • Discussed 2nd F for next week – I think we settled on Thursday evening for better participation


  • Great to see DeVito make it three times in a row – Keep it up!
  • RG3 and TO showing some solid consistency
  • Come out next Thursday for Murdock’s VQ!
  • I think sometimes our beloved Co-Q doesn’t get proper recognition for his tireless service but today it paid dividends with his watchful eye.

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