There is always another hill to climb…

When: 01/19/17

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Darth Visor, The Body, Clyde, Chief

Not only a valuable life lesson, but a true statement for most of our AO’s in the Alpha Region!  My visit with F3 Charleston over the holiday made me realize that we are blessed with an abundance of hills to leverage in our beat downs.  Between Brokeback and Witch mountain at the Rubicon, Mt. Culiminjaro at BC, and whatever we call that evil monster of a hill at Widowmaker, we take the opportunity to charge them in the true spirit of F3 Nation!  5 PAX answered the call this morning and it went a little something like this…

Mosey around the Kidney Bean to the lower parking lot for Warm up’s:


Abe Vigoda’s


The Thang:

Mosey to the hill beside the playground for some 22’s (2 rounds of 11’s, up and down the hill starting at 10/1 and ending with 1/10)

Round 1:  Carolina Dry Docks/ Star Jumps

Round 2:  Mercans/ Reverse LBC’s

Good effort by the PAX! Chief coming back into form after recovering from shin splints!

Next, headed to the big field for some ARC loaders, 25 yards one exercise and back with the other- 4 rounds

Bear Crawl/ Crawl Bear

Crab walk/ Reverse crab walk

Inch worm/ Cheetah

Scorpion right/ Scorpion left

The Body was looking strong on this one.  If he runs into a pack of bears, I think he can pull off that he is one of them!

Hit the rock pile for C45’s:

low curl, high curl, full curl

rows, swings, skull crushers with an OHP bonus thrown in for good measure

Darth made sure not to fumble with any gopher nuts and grabbed an impressive coupon!  Al least not until the exercise was over, that is…

Hit the benches for combos of dips, jump ups, step ups and Derkins and then an Indian Run back around the kidney bean to the flag:  Clyde seemed like Clyde the glide with his explosive speed down the line!

Around the horn Mary’s with each PAX calling one and a couple of new one’s introduced with names that slip my mind at the moment!


-Prayers for upcoming surgery for Reuben and 410’s brother

-Prayers for job stresses and job search comfort and success

-Prayers for healing for Darth’s wife’s wrist from snowboarding accident

– Cherokee county AO launching in Feb.  send emails to Crack (or YHC and I can forward to him)

It is an honor to lead such a fine group of men!  Widowmaker on Saturday at 7 at Webb Bridge Park for any who wish to keep up the momentum!


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