Springtime in January

We had a nice spring-like morning in John’s Creek today for the Hooch Gang of 4: Piggy (Q), Simba, Sunshine and Sneakers.

The party started with the parking lot mosey and warm ups. We then moved to the stone wall for 10 jump-ups and 20 dips 2x.

We the moseyed over to the path and lunged our way to the 2nd or 3rd lamp post.

We then moseyed to the wall for 10 donkey kicks holding the kick for 5 inverted Merkins 2x.

We then ran to the JCHS driveway, partnered up for the “Burpee Sanders”. (Partner does 5 Burpees, then chases down the other who is doing the Bernie Sanders up the hill.) Did 1-arm planks and diamond merkins at the top of the hill. Changed it up to the “Merkin Sanders” 5x.

We then did the Captain Thor 1:4, Followed by an Indian run to the bridge.

Partnered up and wheelbarrelled our way across the bridge, changing it up in the middle, 10 count, then moseyed back to the flag to complete the F3.

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