THE “TIGERS ROLL” over bama. 35-31 – National Championship !!!

When: 01/17/17

QIC: Darth Visor

PAX (): Swiper, Clyde, The body, Big Dipper, Hammer, 4/10, Chief oh where are you Checkmate, Sweeper,

Eight PAX celebrated the National Championship as the TIGERS ROLL bama. Great to have Chief back after many moons in the medicine tent. 4/10 roaming the entire USA hunting new deals was able to join this week before heading to west coast. Hammer still has the JUICE – respect in race back to flag. The Body, Clyde and Dipper pulled for bama “31 count” on Rockee’s. Swiper shows that the extra Saturday work pays off, glad to have him back after trip to C-aye-N-aye-D-aye!

Clemson 35   Low Tide 31

Let’s grab Howard’s Rock and run down the hill for the most exciting 45 minutes at 5:30

TTrain Tracks / Tunnel of Love 100 yards each way.

 I – Iron Hulk (1:4  Merkins to Shoulder Air Press)

GGenuine (Squat with chest press rock)

EEhlo (jump shots) How many points did we let BAMA Score? 31 each side.

RRockee’s – Fortunately Clemson held back the throttle so only 35 Burps with a Rock.

SStar Jacks (squat to Star jump) 35


RRapid Fire Rock Set   (curls / press / Tri’s / chest press)

O Ollie Norths (carry man from the battle field) Partner up 35 YDS

and Back rinse and repeat (elephant walk/ Partner Up wheel barrow)

L –  LBCs (with rocks)

LLt. Dans    – (squats with R lunge and L Lunge) mumble chatter regarding naming convention and determined that it feels like you have no legs after this awkward exercise. SQUAT 2 3 One Squat 2 3 Two

COT – praying for Big Dipper and Hammer – job search, 4/10’s brother brain surgery, friends grieving for loss of spouses. Thanks for health and America. Remember Rueben – Thyroid Surgery

3 Pax for cafeteria

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