Endurance – A New Best Friend for the Rubicon

When: 01/17/2017

QIC: DefCon2

PAX (): RG3, Millertime, Moonshine, Mufasa, Cookie, NachoLibre, T.O., BlueSteel, DefCon2, SoSoDef, Bear



The Thang:

Getting Ready

Mosey around ball fields on the path to Rock Pile.

Grab a manageable and ergonomic rock that will be your New Best Friend (NBF).  A certain Luchador recommended looking at what the Q chose and upsizing 2-3 times (how the tables quickly turn).  Unfortunately, Moonshine only heard the up-size comment and not the manageable comment.  Kudos to some PAX for accepting the Co-Q advise…up-size => possible regret => bonus points => greater endurance.

Rules of Engagement:  Never put down the NBF.  Modify as necessary.  Don’t put down your NBF.


Mosey to warm up location behind ball fields for in-cadence warm-ups.

  • SSH with NBF overhead.
  • Toy Soldiers with NBF outstretched.
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Merkins on Rock.


Mosey to hill behind FOB home plate for 11s.

  • Set 1 – With your NBF: 1 LBC at bottom, Run Backwards up hill, 10 squats, back down, rinse repeat until your reach 10 LBCs and 1 squat.
  • Set 2 – With you NBF: 1 vertical press with NBF, run up hill, 10 squats, back down, rinse repeat until you reach 10 presses and 1 squat.

Mosey to FOD home plate with your NBF.

Two lap Indian run with your NBF.

Lunge walk from first base to right field exit with your NBF.

Mosey to the rock pile, say a tearful goodbye to your NBF and head to flag.

Merry go round – LBCs, Box Cutters, Dead Cockroaches


#Endurance is something that PAX do every day.  The NBF reminds of the burdens carried.  HIM carry loads as Husbands, Fathers, Brothers, and adult children.  We are here to share each others burdens as we as endure and grow.  Carry on!


Kudos to Cookie for the massive NBF and allowing multiple PAX to get acquainted.  SoSoDef will get that count thing down soon enough, just in time for a VQ.  The PAX were strangely quiet today…lots of breathing…not much mumble chatter…wonder why?  Great job to all present PAX for breaking free of the fart sack and posting.

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