Mini Track

When: 01/12/2016

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): Nacho Libre, Def Con 2, Lawdog, Babyface, C4, T.O., Mufasa, SoSoDef, Blue Steel, Fondue

It was great out there on this June morning…oh wait…January Morning?  After dodging ice and snow on a 28 degree morning Tuesday it sure felt like Summer with a balmy 55 degree’s this AM.  10 Pax beat the fart sack this morning to join YHC for a visit to a new AO within the AO.  The “Mini Track” is a donut shaped lot tucked back into the dark recesses of Wills Park adjacent to the Equestrian park.

We initially Warmed Up at the Flag:
Toy Soldiers – picked up from a video Crack sent me of a Charlotte workout.
Cotton Pickers

The Thang –
Mosey to the Mini Track for BLIMPS – A lap around the track after each exercise
Burpees x 5
Lunges x 10
Inch Worms x 15
Merkins x 20
Pop Jacks x 25
Squats x 30

Mosey to Horse Field for Captain Thors
1:4 ratio of Big Boys to American Hammer
YHC was still sleeping in trying to coordinate this one at first but got it working after a minute
We made it to 7:28 when our ABS said “no mas”

Mosey to the pull up bars
10 pull ups – run to the wall for 20 donkey kicks, repeat twice more down to 6 pull ups.

Mosey to Gritts Pavilion
1 minute OYO Dips
1 minute OYO Step Ups
Cadence x 25 incline merkins
1 minute OYO Step ups when time expired

Praise for Fondue’s child healing up well from Wisdom Teeth removal
Prayers for SoSoDef’s friend David as he continues to battle cancer and a host of other issues
Prayers for C4’s family to be well as he travels for the next month
Prayers for DC2’s wife as she looks to go back to work

Awesome to see some recent FNG’s making it back out.  Notably T.O from Tuesday and C4 going on week 3.  It takes three weeks or so to get into the habit so keep posting and you will get stronger!
How fortunate we are to have an AO like Wills Park where we can still find new places within it’s boundaries to work out.
Very rare to see less than double digit attendance at the Rubicon these days!
Lot’s of mumble chatter about Blue Steel’s exceptional VQ BB
SoSoDef getting jacked about leading the group – A VQ is on the horizon
Come to the Widow Maker Saturday 7 AM for a DoSiDo Beat Down!

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