36 by 18’s

When: 01/12/17

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Darth Visor, The Body, Hammer, Big Dipper, Leghorn, Crack, Cookie

YHC really had big plans to get to Big creek this morning with plenty of time to spare, and managed to accomplish my goal.  However, due to a quick scouting trip to spot a new area of the Creek by the time I pulled into the lot Darth, Cookie, The Body, Leghorn, and Big Dipper were there and ready to go.  A perfect 55 degrees on a moonlit morning set the stage for a great beatdown on a birthday Q that no one knew about.  Happy 36th to me!

It took a second for this UGA fan to acclimate to all the orange this morning, but seeing as it was Darth’s glorious return from his National Championship, congratulations were in order.  We head off into the gloom just as the Hammer falls and stayed close to the flag as one more PAX member was arriving.  Low and behold it was Crack making the trip up to the great north.

The Thang:

Mosey to the big field for warm-ups:

Sets of 18, the age I feel

18 SSH (IC)

18 Cotton Pickers

18 Imperial Walkers.

18 Squats

Or 2 sets of 36 the age I aml…

After a lengthy warm-up that Crack thoroughly enjoyed. He obviously didn’t know the method to my madness yet, and YHC still wasn’t sure if I did either.

Now, mosey to the rock pile with some off road terrain as the shortest route possible.  Then up Mt. Culiminjaro to the far end of the park for a new hill to conquer:

With Coupons in toe at the top of the hill we began, with a minimalist of instructions:

Reps of 18:

Curls -down/up the hill

Lt. Dan’s – down/up the hill

Elf on the Shelf – down/up the hill

Merkins – down/up the hill

Skull Crushers – down/up the hill

Overhead Press – down/up the hill

Rinse and repeat for a nice round 36 reps of each:

Plank for the 6.

With plenty of time to spare we head to the soccer pavilion for partner up for a quick dora:

100 Jump ups

200 Step-ups

300 LBC’s

Captain…. No wait Peoples chair for the 6.

Mosey back to the flag where YHC found the group already working on some Flutter kicks while waiting on the 6.

Already a few minutes over, we go straight to the name-o-rama.


         Glad to see a strong group of 8 out at Big Creek, amazing to see the progress of Big Dipper, and to be humbled by Leghorn who can pretty much run circles around the rest of us at big creek.  Also, always happy to have guests from the south come visit.  Hope I didn’t disappoint Hammer and his total body workout request.

Prayers for Darth Visor’s wife and quick healing on her wrist.  For The Body’s family as his Grand father in law has passed.  The John Doe that Cookie passed who was in a motorcyle accident.  Reuben quick recovery

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