Second Bell

When: 01/10/17

QIC: Blue Steel

PAX (): The RESPECTed: Blue Steel, FNG - T.O. (Steve Woodcock), Mufasa, The Dab The OLD: Miller Time, DoSiDo, Fondue Guy The "anniversary": Cookie The HATEs: DC2, Nacho Libre, Foghorn, Bear, RG3, Crack

In a controversial move that historians will debate for decades, if not centuries, YHC agreed to make his VQ after a Shake from Foghorn.  Determined to dissuade Foghorn, Crack, or any other PAX from asking for commitment to another Q, and Midwife Noises these many months having not kept them away, YHC deployed his go-to, complete incompetence.  Likely successful.

WARM UP in the midst of the South’s effort to show it can put up a meteorological fight.

  • Mosey down to the somewhat unnerving public work affectionately known as Children of the Corn, dodging black/concrete-white ice along the way:
  • SSH x15
  • Cotton Pickers x15
  • Imperial Walker x15


Have fun with it, my Six, Foghorn.  YHC is a beautiful man, but generally lacks creativity; ergo, he copies Nacho Libre and Law Dog – to the parking deck!  Run to deck, stopping for 10 Merkins and 20 LBCs along the way.  Once there, instead of CLIMBing, we Escalate by GRACE (my word for the year), in cadence, running up stairs to successive decks and back to starting place, planking while waiting for Six:

G – Groiners X1 X2 X3 X4
R – Reverse Crunch X2 X4 X6 X8
A – American Hammer X3 X6 X9 X12
C – Crunchy Frog X4 X8 X12 X16
E – Escalate Jump Ups Burpees Merkins Squats
X10, every other stair to first deck X20, run up stairs to second deck X30, run up stairs to third deck X40

Lunge x50 out of the parking deck.


Run back to the flag.  YHC having failed to time adequately and being generally out of control, and his fellow Respect, the Rifty Mufasa, having taken off and being so dang fast, no Mary along the way.  YHC latched on two excuses to drop back, to encourage the Six, and to meet FNG.  One or more HIMS (I suspect the aforementioned Respect) led the early-arriving PAX in some Mary core work.

  • 8 count Plank Dips x10
  • Wide Merkins x10
  • 8 count Bay City Scissors x10
  • Dolly x20.


Prayer for Crack’s sister-in-law in hospital with pregnancy complications.  Praise for Cookie’s one-year F3 anniversary (we assume he is as good remembering his wedding anniversary) and the impact of F3 on him and the rest of the PAX.

MOLESKIN (by the Q)

  • Appreciate Foghorn’s encouragement to think of one word for the year. This Beat Down based on what came to my mind, grace.
  • A hearty F3 welcome to Philly FNG, T.O. Hope you’ll hang with us.  Much better Qs from here on because you can be sure they will never let me Q again.
  • Makes me appreciate the smooth operations that are Miller Time, Cookie (sans that 5-count thing), Foghorn, Law Dog, and Nacho Libre.
  • Kidding aside, mostly, thanks to Foghorn and Mufasa for letting me try on Q, and thanks to Crack for handling my fragile ego with minimal heckling.

MOLESKIN (by the editor)

  • Splendid work today by Blue Steel. He said he only wanted about 10-15 minutes for a warm-up. So what did he do? He manhandled the whole thing! Sure, he had his #Weinke in his hand the entire time – slightly awkward for some – and even had to reference it from the start so that he could remember where to mosey. But the PAX all witnessed a perfect Weinke in the glow of that deck. He even produced the above backblast without any of my own wording. Read that intro again. He’s a born natural. What better way to expect another Q than to write a strong first BB. Well done!
  • Congrats to Cookie for his one year anniversary! Of course, its not likely that today was exactly 1 year since he said his first post was also a Tuesday and the locals were discussing the National Champion Tide over the Tigers on that day. Maybe he just doesn’t plan to post on 1/12/17.
  • Speaking of football, welcome with RESPECT to T.O. by way of an EH from Winston’s own Resistor. Resistor, what took you so long to tell the guy? Did you need to ensure it was cold enough for T.O.? Just so you know, that guy rocked his 21-pack abs in the 28°F conditions this A.M.
  • Always nice to have a visit from Bear. Of course, bears must be able to eat lions as our own lion stayed in front of the pack all morning. It’s obvious that the only reason to run that fast for that long is to stay out of the reach of bears.

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  1. How awesome is that ? Thank you for taking care of my very good friend T.O. You all made my day !!
    Please encourage him to post !

    I have been a proud member of the F3 -dash Pax in Winston-Salem for almost 3 years; one of the best decision I have ever made.

    Stop by if you are ever up north !


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