After Further Review…

When: 01/10/17

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Big Dipper

It appears that the BCS referees need to review every other play in Monday’s National Championship game greatly strengthened the grip of Tuesday morning’s fartsack at the Creek.  We knew that a last second victory would likely result in an extended celebration for Darth and it appears that the TIGERS ROLL exercise has rubbed off onto some other PAX as well!  Regardless, YHC made it out on 4 hours of sleep and the skies also lit up with the return of the Big Dipper as well- so off we went…

Mosey down the big hill for warm up’s:





Headed out to the Big Field for some 2 man Dora’s:

Partner A runs a 1/2 lap while partner B works on:

100 Mercans

200 Squats

300 LBC’s

Good effort on the first day back from a 2 week hiatus for the Big D- hung in there and pushed for numbers on each exercise

Next off to the new playground by the dog park for dips and step up’s- 2 rounds of 10 each

Lunge walk down the parking lot- 50 paces

Mosey to the Coupon Dispenser for a couple rounds of C45’s:

Low curl, high curl, full curl on the first set

OHP, Skull Crusher, and rows on the second

Finish off with some full extension rock swings

Mosey back to the track for another 50 pace lunge walk and then back to the flag for some Mary:



Reverse LBC’s


14 each for a total of 66 (total points from last night’s game)


-Congrats to our Site Co-Q and the Tigers last night!  Great effort in one of the best games in the history of college football!

-Prayers for Dipper for 2nd interview this week with good job prospect- trust and abide

-Prayers for increased numbers at BC.  Great momentum finishing off 2016 so prayers that our regulars start funneling back and we find some new Sad Clowns to come out and join us!



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