When: 12/27/16

QIC: Mufasa & Cookie

PAX (): Crack, Nacho, Babyface, DC2, Miller Time, Gingivitis (from Clemson), RG3 (Mufasa's FNG)

Mosey over to the side parking lot for a Mufasa-led warmup.  Side straddle hop, body builder, imperial walker, copperhead squat

-Mosey toward the dog park track, stopping along the way for Dips, Derkins & Step Ups
-Mosey to the wall next to the track
-20 Donkey Kicks, run to mid-field for 5 burpees, back to wall for 20 Donkey, back to mid-field for 4, 3, 2, 1, etc.
-YHC takes the Q, leads a mosey over to the hill behind the FOD
-Partner up for Hill Dora.  100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBC’s
-Take it back to the flag for 5 MOM – ring around the rosy style.
-Dying Cockroach, American Hammer, Reverse LBC, Long/slow Flutter Kicks

9 strong on a warm winter morning for an ImpromptQ by Mufasa and YHC.  Prayers for Foghorn who had to miss this morning due to a sick kiddo.  Prayers for YHC and my wife for a safe and healthy baby due next July.  Crack had to depart early, looked like a slight leg injury.  Best wishes to you, brother.  Welcome back Gingivitis, visiting from Clemson.  And big welcome to RG3, Mufasa’s FNG.  5 posted at Coffeeteria for some good fellowship.  “Bring an FNG Day” this Saturday at the Widowmaker.  See ya there.

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