Embrace The Suck

When: 11/29/16

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Cookie, DoSiDo, MASH, Miller Time, Green Bean, DefCon 2, Mufasa, Tom Jones, Foghorn, Nacho Libre

Technical difficulties have YHC typing this BB on a cellphone.. such is the commitment instilled in Alpha to the backblast, tho YHC will save his thumbs by keeping this brief.

It was very very wet. It was windy. There were 20 minutes there in which the rain came harder and faster. It was tough, because, a beatdown in the rain should always be tough. 220 merkins in the first 15 minutes… with pole to pole runs in between.. so yeah.. tough. And freaking FUN.

Green Bean loves the rain.. always good to have that guy at the Rube.

MASH just won’t quit.

Think Mufasa has a problem with cutting corners on a run. He was fired up, right Miller?

Tom Jones with an injury.. hope you heal up nicely and get back!

A brief conflict between Mufasa and DC2 regarding his CoQ tendencies. Just enjoy the chatter.

Did you see the size of DC2’s coupon? Even Green Bean felt bad, offering to trade off for a set.

Speaking of coupons, Rock Creek was Rock River this morn. And god bless the rain.


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