Three Cold PAX, Three Cold PAX, see how they run…

When: 11/23/2016

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Sneakers and El Matador

Yes as the title suggests there were only 3 brave #HIMs at the #thehooch this a.m.  For a brief second, YHC almost broke rank to lead the PAX to the sweet smell of Sara’s Donuts.  Alas, YHC got ahold of himself and ultimately decided against it.  Here’s what happened instead…

Warm-up: big lap to a COP (more like a triangle of Pain) for SSH, Imperial walkers, merkins, and shoulder circles front, and shoulder circles back.  All in IC…various counts.

Mosey to the soccer field of the big church down the street.  Line up single file for an Indian run of sorts.  Instead of running fast from the back, the guy in the back burpee broad jumped to the front.  The group did stationary high knees instead of running slowly.  We painfully made from one side of the field to the other.

Mosey to the lot to the right of the round-a-bout.  Lungicides:

  • Regular run 10-16-20 alternating lunges at the turns
  • Backwards runs and 10-16-20 alternating reverse lunges at the turns
  • Side shuffle left and 8-10-12 left side lunges at the turns
  • Side shuffle right and 8-10-12 right side lunges at the turns

10 count recovery, then over the grassy area for Captain Thors:

  • 1 big boy, 4 American hammers
  • 2/8
  • 3/12…all the way up to
  • 10/40

**Somewhere in the middle El Matador grabbed the count from YHC.

Mosey Back to the flag for some MOM…core was toast!

COT: Nice work today.  You guys killed it.  Big prayers and praise up for my M.  Thanks for taking us to the throne room Sneakers.  El Matador’s wife as she is sharing time with a neighbor.  That goes for us all, let’s push and encourage each other to be intentional where we live, work, and play.

We missed our regulars that were travelling, can’t wait to kick your butt when you get back.



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