Grab a Cold One

When: 11/22/16

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Mufasa, Cookie, Blue Steel, DoSiDo, Bear, Tom Jones, So So Def, Miller Time, Fondue, Big South, Foghorn, The Dab

YHC checked the forecast last night before hitting the fartsack. Freezing temps predicted. Ouch. Briefly wondered who we could expect to sustain through the colder months, as we lost more than a few PAX last winter. Stepped back out of said fartsack to lay out the winter workout gear.

Alarm rings. 5:15 am. Even after 1.5 years of F3 commitment, the 5:15 wakeup call never gets easier. M stirs before I can mute it. Grab the gear and masterfully step past the doors of two 2.0s, bypassing those boards that tend to creak. Dress quickly, out the door, morning obligatory piss off the front porch.. “Hey neighbors!”.. In the car, quick drive to The Rubicon, see a few #HIMs have beat me to it.. Looks like a pretty good showing this morning actually.. And Foghorn has the Q!


Mosey to open field past community garden.

SSH x 15
Windmills x 15
Merkins x 10
Mountain Climbers x 10

The Thang:

Wills of Men, Mucho Chesto style. Grab a partner of equal speed, travel through five stations on our way to the Community Center. When the six arrives at the station, he calls a 10 count of merkins, then groups moves to next station.

Playground: Regular Merkins x 10
Grits Pavilion: Diamond Merkins x 10
Pool: Wide Merkins x 10
Flag: Staggered x 10
Planters: Staggered x 10

Couple loops of the community center track at 3/4 speed.

SSH x 20

Line up along track in plank position. Man in back calls 5 count of merkins, sprints around track then to front of line. Next man call 5 count of merkins, etc.. Every PAX gets 3(?) rotations.

SSH x 20

Mosey to CC wall.

Mucho Chesto, Mike Tyson style, on wall. OYO

In People’s Chair, each PAX sprints to track and performs 5 burpees, down the line.. Good form!

Travel back to flag! (Flag?? APB out on the flag!)


LBC x 20
Dying Cockroach x 15
Flutter x 12


Prayers for life and death. We all know someone who needs to be in this circle. It may just be a workout for you, but is true life change for others you know.


  • Thanksgiving football game this Thursday, 7 am at The WidowMaker!
  • F3 Atlanta is hosting a 8 am beatdown at Dunwoody High if you feel inclined.
  • So So Def and Fondue continue to be some of our most consistent, and hold down the six like champs. #sweepers
  • Good encouragement from the PAX on the burpees down the line.
  • Bear joined us from Dunwoody.. He reminds me of someone.. Good to have him.
  • Tom Jones with another post. Keep coming back brother.
  • The King was present, and humbled us as always. Mufasa!
  • Cookie looking forward to the football match/game on the field/pitch.
  • Blue Steel rivaling Foghorn for midwife noises, and that guy puts in the work each beatdown like few others. Renaming him Rooster, cuz these chickens like to crow!
  • DoSiDo tried to take out YHC, but I’ll cut him some slack as it really is zero dark hundred at that hour, and the path becomes just a single darker shade of black.
  • Miller Time has an extra 3 or 4 feet of body to get to the ground on the burpee, and he makes it look easy.
  • Big South is Big Tough.. Sign up for next year’s Spartan Race with the PAX?
  • Enjoyed the caravan to Chattanooga with The Dab on last Saturday. He and our other attendees really showed #Chattanooga how it’s done the right way. #Fellowship


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