He Is Heavy, and He’s Not My Brother.

When: 11.17.16

QIC: Rev. Flo-Rida

PAX (): crack,baby face ,cookie, nacho libre, blue steel, sosodef, defcon 2, moonshine, foghorn, hickory stick, Murdock, rev.flo-rida

11 residents of Peachtree Drive, Place, Corridor, Avenue, Highway, Throughway, Parkway, Street, Court, Lane,Road, Roadway, Trail, Alley, Terrace, and Row joined 1 invader from the metro for a little fun and games in the morning. Here’s how it happened:
Quick COP–20 SSH, 20 IW, 10 Windmills, and 10 Merkins. All in perfect cadence. Rude insensitive comments about IW’s being an “old man’s exercise” were ignored. Windmills were not called Sharon Towers because no one in Falafelretta knows that Sharon Towers is an Old Folks Home.

Mosey to the first bathroom–not because we needed a potty break but more because it provided some light and was a good starting point. 11’s of Mike Tysons and squats with approximately 200 yards in between. LBC’s while you wait on the 6– wait, that’s me. Thanks to My Sharona, the pax already knew what the form was. Well done.

Mosey to playground for partner work. Partner A does 10 pullups while partner B does Velocoraptor on the swings. Unfortunate comments made about 2 men sharing the same swing. These were ignored #ThereIsNothingWrongWithThat. Repeato x 3.

Moesy to picnic tables for 11’s with Bulgarian Split Squats and Dips. Ridiculous comments enroute that were supposedly designed for pax safety but were actually complaints in disguise.

3 rounds of extended leg lifts off the end of the picnic tables. General comments at surprise that YHC could do 3 rounds of these #NotAsSoftAsYouThought.

Finish with hill sprints until time called. Supposedly this was 4 minutes but YHC thinks it was more like 40.

NMM: YHC provided an exemplary example of how to Q from the back. this provides the Q with the ability to maintain a vista over the safety of the pax. It is a sacrifice, but that is what it means to be the Q.

Pax tried to claim that this was a non- scheduled workout, and the gathering was solely because YHC was in town. This is highly doubtful. I must say the mumble chatter has greatly improved since last I was here. Good to see–although the site of 3 grown men wearing wrestling apparel is highly frowned upon. Please mix it up a bit–see if you can mix in some disc golf or badmitton shirts as well.

Now then, to the absence of one ” Dingle”…this blame can not rest squarely on YHC’s shoulders. it might land askew on my shoulders, but not squarely. YHC was present when Dingle was an FNG and participated in his naming. As he was a graduate of Berry College, Dingle just made sense. YHC is curious if the suggestion that he be named “Jared” do to his profession ( I believe he designed software that screened adults before they were allowed to volunteer in proximity to children) may have been a little too much for his sensitivities. The desired result was accomplished– he thought Dingle was not so bad. If feelings are hurt, Cobains are offered. YHC is highly suspect that this was offered as a diversion by the pax out of fear that a bathtub was going to be utilized in the beatdown. Frankie says relax.

Thanks for letting me Q. As mentioned in the COT YHC has put on a few pounds…ok more than a few, and his pants were too tight to wear recently. The accountability that will come from being asked how my pants fit next time I post here is very motivational.

Please come to CLT for a beatdown. Go to one of Fishwrap’s workouts–you won’t believe what he says you did, or what you actually did. It’s kind of like that Leonardo DiCapprio movie INCEPTION– it’s a dream within a dream within a dream.

Announcements: Football planned for Turkey Day in the morning. Rules TBD but sounds like full contact is the deal. Clown Car to Chatt-Vegas this Saturday. These fellas launched last week and like all new groups, a shot in the arm is helpful.

last, but not least, the verse I mentioned in the takeout is from Joshua 10:14–“Surely the Lord was fighting for Israel.” The battles that Joshua won weren’t because of his own strength, but that of the one who fought for him and all of Israel.

2 thoughts on “He Is Heavy, and He’s Not My Brother.”

  1. Solid work today Rev. Fat Pants and thanks for the Q, even if you did hide in said bathroom the whole time. I also must agree with you regarding the wrestling apparel, however my ping-pong shorts are even more so frowned upon. Finally, tell FW something good about me prior to my visit. I desperately hope to be Leo an any reality. With Love!

  2. One thing I am confident of–no one from Hallmark’s marketing department is working on a line of ‘F3 greeting cards”. We just don’t do that well at the sentimental.

    I will be back–next time with the cafeteria trays.


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