Cowboys & Indians

When: 11/10/16

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Isner, Babyface, Nacho, DC2, Mufasa, Big South (aka Peanut according to DC2)

Mosey toward the track with warmups along the way.  Curb Merkins, Step-ups, Side straddle hop, lunge walk.  Take it to the wall.

-Balls to the wall challenge.  Balls up, 2nd man can’t go down until 1st man does, and down the line we go.  Of course Nacho wins again.  Now on to the track for some running.
-Indian Run with a little twist.  Guy in back sprints opposite direction and catches front of PAX, then turns around and joins.  And around and around and around and around the track we went.  2 times each.
-Mosey back toward the FOD, making another pit stop at the retaining walls.
-Dips & Step-ups.  Continue to FOD.
-Burpee Suicides.  3 at each stop making our way to the outfield wall with 1 each time back at the starting line.
-Take it back to the flag for 6 MOM – ring around the rosy style.
-American Hammer, Freddy Mercury, American Hammer (again courtesy of Mufasa), Dying Cockroach,  LBC

7 PAX braved the slightly chilly morning to come get stronger.  Continued prayers for Flo’s wife (Liz) on her recovery and for Mufasa’s wife’s co-worker’s family.  2nd F at Hop Alley next Thursday.

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