No Muscle Group Left Behind

When: 11/7/16

QIC: Callahan

PAX (): Chipper, Matador, Tom Jones, Tightrope, Boomer, Sneakers, Mr. Drummond, Squirrel, Dab, Piggy, Callahan

Mosey around the lot.  Slide left (wave at IronTribe), slide right (breathe in the deliciousness of Sara Donuts).  Circle up for a quick dose of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Cotton Pickers, Merkins.

The thang…

Mosey to State Bridge…stop at the corner benches.  20 step ups (10 each side), 20 dips.  Rinse and repeat.  Head to Greenway for what started as a very quiet jog.

YHC thought it would be fun to fire up the legs by doing lunges across the bridge for kicks and giggles.  Mosey to the wall where 20 donkey kicks were in order.  Mr. Drummond was so excited about them, and actually asked if we could do them again…extra points next time for a Dazed and Confused line…but alas we did 20 again!
Mosey to everyone’s favorite rock pile.  11s up and down the hill.  Leave the rock at the bottom of the hill and run to the top.  Big Boy Sit Ups starting with ol numero uno, then running down the hill to our rocks.  10 push ups putting one hand on the ground and the other hand on the rock.  Switch hands each set.
Mosey back to the flag.  While waiting for the 6,YHC had the grand idea of having Boomer start Mary. I mosey in with the 6 to find the Sooner Sergeant handing out straight pain.
Reverse LBC, LBC, Dolly, Dying Cockroaches, 6 inches, up to 45 degrees, down to 6 inches, up to 90 degrees…commence mean speak of the boss man…down to 6 inches, legs out wide and raised up to 45 degrees, down to 6 inches, up to 90 degrees, down to 6 inches.  Finito.
Again, great work by everyone…we’re all getting better every day and I’m proud to work out with you guys!
COT – Continued prayers for Flo’s wife.  Prayers for Squirrel’s dad who is undergoing heart surgery.  Prayers for our country and a reminder that regardless who wins an election, our king remains on the throne.

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