The curse of the goat falls!

When: 11/3/16

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): The Body, Big Dipper, Darth Visor, Checkmate

On the heels of the Cubs 108 year drought coming to an end, (5) BC PAX kept with the spirit with a World Series themed beat down this morning that went a little something like this…

Warm up’s:


Cotton Mills

Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

Mosey to FODII for a little F3 baseball.

15 Burpees (total runs from game 7)

Cub a.k.a Bear crawl to first for 36 merkins

crab walk to 2nd for 36 reverse LBC’s

backpedal to 3rd for 36 star jumps

36 x 3 = 108 (years of the drought in Chi town)

rinse and repeat

stay on the field for some Field of Dreams

each PAX takes a spot on a base and the extra PAX runs between the stations.  AMRAP until the relief PAX shows up to send you to the next base.

Home Plate- Plank Jacks

1st base- Monkey Humpers

2nd base- LBC’s

3rd base- Star jumps

2 times around the bases for each PAX

Next up: Indian Run around the double fields in honor of the oh so close runner-up’s

No more baseball themed exercises (c’mon- not easy to come up with this stuff on 4 hours of sleep), but did some Dan Taylor’s up to 7/28 on the way to the rock pile. ¬†Rapid fire rock sets with curls, OHP’s, and rows and then back to the flag for Mary where the Body led us in some Rosie’s and Dolly’s


  • Prayers for Big Dipper’s friend’s brother who is undergoing triple bypass surgery this morning
  • Prayers for job searches for Big Dipper, Darth’s daughter, and Hammer
  • Prayers for more sadclowns in FoCo to invite to F3

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