When: 10/25/16

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): DoSiDo, Miller Time, Cookie, Fondue Guy, The Hoff, Moon Shine, Isner, I Beam, Murdoch, The Dab, Mash, Nacho Libre, So So Def


13 made it out to the Rubicon for this Tuesday morning beat down! I think it is safe to say that fall has arrived with this cool crisp morning. When YHC woke up for the Tuesday beatdown he checked his phone and saw something about how Foghorn had father duties and he needed a Q. So driving over to the Rubicon YHC started to think about some Q options. Sure enough the early morning crickets were loud when the Q situation was announced.

Warm up
Mosey over to the field of dreams for a quick workout

14 Side Straddle Hops
14 Cotton Pickers
14 Hillbillies
14 Squats

The Thang

After the warm up the Pax jumped right into the workout. Now knowing that there was a small chance of overlap between Johns Creek and the Rubicon Nacho decided to continue Flo’s Birthday Celebration. Last week for FLO’s Birthday the Pax over at Johns Creek did a modified BLIMPS at the extremely large hill located at at the Sojourn Park. With the lack of hill YHC decided to mix it up.

15 Burpees – Take a lap around the field
20 Lunges – Take a lap around the field running backwards
25 Imperial Walkers – Take a lap around the field
30 Merkins – Take a lap around the field running backwards
35 Plankjacks – Take a lap around the field
40 Squats – Take a lap around the field running backwards

After completing we headed to the rock pile. “grab the biggest rock you can” I believe was the direct quote from Nacho. YHC would like to challenge the PAX to pick out some bigger rocks, I think everyone can benefit from challenging themselves on the rock exercises. Now head to the parking lot for a few exercises.

1st Corner – 10 Overhead lunges
2nd Corner – 10 Press and drop your rock
3rd Corner – 10 Merkins
4th Corner – 10 Squats

Rinse and Repeat but change press for curls
Circle up for a few more rock exercises.
Skull Crushers – move 10 rocks to the right
Genuwines – move 6 rocks to the left
Curls – move 4 spots to the right
Press – take the rock home.

Mosey to the flag for a few minutes of mary.


Prayers – Flo’s M, Mash test retake on Friday.
Praise – Looks like I – Beam has a few promising leads for a new job opportunity.

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