Flowing through Big Creek

When: 10/25/2016

QIC: Darth

PAX (): Swiper, 4-10 (soon to be 12 Gauge after VQ next tuesday), Tarzan, Chief, Big Dipper

Chief came off the reservation, Tarzan swings in late from the Vine, Swiper left no balance on his downpainment card, Big Dipper saw stars at 30 min mark, and 4/10 planned his upgrade to “12 Gauge” with a VQ HC on Tuesday 11/1 yall come on out for this VQ.

The Thang

Pax moseys up the hill to Fire Station for a little Q in training warm ups with 4/10, Chief and Tarzan running us through SSH, Windmills, and Cotton Pickers (Tarzan “whats a cotton picker?”)

Big ole Rock – Steps ups in cadence. some PAX choose lower ledge not full rock for step ups but I don’t want to call out Chief. Some mumble chatter as to whether 4/10 found a ledge but later confirmed he upgraded to full rock.

Mosey toward track for some snow ski bump runs – in cadence jumping over lines until PAX was breathing heavy. Swiper looks like he’d be real comfy on a bump run.

Around the clock Merkins using curb for our higher ground 10 @ 12 – 3 – 6 – 9. Big Dipper pounding his chest at the huge pecs he’s developing, its about now he is seeing stars.

Sprint and Core – 50 LBCs sprint to tree planter 25 each leg – leg climbers sprint to end of parking lot for some “SEAL SIT UPS” always a ┬áPAX favorite! 10 each then 10 more. Not sure but looked like 4/10 was pulling YHC and Chief up gotta watch out for middle of that lineup.

Mosey around park for some sprint and starjumps. Pax in air chair while target runs up parking lot and back to perform 10 form perfect STAR JUMPs.

Mosey to rock pile for some prisoner rock over head carry to failure. As one Pax lowers rock we stop and do 10 merkins. Rinse repeat 3 times with plank jacks and squats serving as the punishment. Failure was always preceded with groan, grunt and finally submission as no PAX wanted to dish out the penalty.

Back to flag for some MARYs


Job search for Hammer/Big Dipper and Darths Daughter

4/10s brothers brain surgery.

Holiday with families – and relationships.

coffateria with Big Dipper, 4/10, Chief and Darth.

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