Mercan Mile Madness

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): Flo, Nacho Libre, Cookie, Murdock, I-Beam, Squid, Def Con 2, Law Dog, SoSoDef, Baby Face, Foghorn

11 PAX arrived on this warm October morning to join YHC for a sweat fest in the Rubicon gloom.

We started with a mosey to the parking lot by the pool where we proceeded with the standard get that blood flowing list of exercises IC – SSH, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, Copper head Squats,

Mosey to the start of the Mercan Mile for some madness.  The plan was 10 rotating Mercans (Wide, normal, diamond, left offset, right offset) at each speed bump, cross street and corner.  First stretch was High Knees, second stretch Butt Kickers, and alternated right and left side steps to the corner.  Second Leg normal run, third leg started with backwards run and proceeded with more high knees, butt kickers and side stepping to the end of the mile.

It was at this point that YHC desired a change of scenery so we moseyed on over to the basketball court.  The pax lined up on the side line for some Abicides

  • 25 LBC’s – sprint to the other side and back, 20 LBC’s, repeat 15, 10 and 5.
  • Second leg – start with 5 Reverse LBC’s, 10, 15, 20, 25.

At this point YHC thought he heard someone asking for pull ups so we all grabbed a pull up bar at the playground and did AMRAP 1 minute pull ups x 2 with a 1 minute amrap squat session in between.  We then worked our way back to Gritt’s pavilion for some 1 minute AMRAP Dips, 6 count step ups, dips and finished with Balls to the Wall.

Finally back to the flag for some Merry go round ab work.


Prayers for Flo’s wife working thru some health concerns and for Flo to navigate the choppy waters life throw’s our way sometimes.
Prayers for I-Beam and Squid who just learned their positions will be eliminated.  I’m sure our group will help them however possible in their search.


  • Nacho is one tough customer – on our second leg of the mercan mile, he flirted with the curb and went down as his lower leg folded.  It looked like curtains for his morning but he muscled thru the rest of the workout.  Let’s hope that’s minor
  • I-Beam brought some game with Balls to the Wall pushing Nacho to perhaps a new record time but alas he is still undefeated!
  • Thanks to Cookie for his time keeping on our 1 minute sessions and to DC2 for coaching up the pax on proper exercise form.

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