Brokeback Mountain 3.0

When: 10/13/2016

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Dos si Do, Boomer, Crack, DC2, Miller Time, Mufasa, Moonshine, The Hoff, Fondue, Murdoch, Babyface, Nacho, Hot Sauce

Mosey over to the side parking lot.  Side straddle hop, mountain climbers, squats.

-Brokeback Mountain 3.0.  Partner up for 3 runs up the mountain each.  Partner does plank jacks, then lunges, then burpees
-Mosey back to the FOD
-Mucho Chesto Cycle.  10 Merkins at home, bear crawl to 1st base, 10 wide, crab walk to 2nd, 10 diamond, reverse crab to 3rd, 10 stagger, cheetah crawl home, 10 opposite stagger.  10 count….then rinse & repeat.
-Take it back to the flag for 6 MOM.
-LBC, Freddy Mercury, Dying Cockroach, Reverse LBC, American Hammer

14 strong on a crisp, beautiful fall morning.  Thankful for this group of men who push each other to become better leaders.  3rd F event this Saturday following the beatdown, volunteer work to help cleanup the riverbank.  Crack has details.  2nd F this Saturday night at Boomers house, chili cook-off and fellowship.  RSVP to Boomer.


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