Gloom Roll Please…No Acronyms Just a #Downpainment

When: 10/10/16

QIC: Darth Visor

PAX (): Swiper, 4/10, FNG - BIG DIPPER, Hammer, Rueben, Chief, The Body, Tarzan, Checkmate

The PAX assembled on a brisk morning in the GLOOM @ #bigcreek with newest FNG (Big Dipper). Last weeks FNG – CheckMate (of wells fargo fame) joined us again.

Mosey Downhill to the flatlands for a brief warm up.

Some Q’s in training(Tarzan, The Body, and 4/10) led off with SSH, Windmill, and Imperial Walkers.

Mosey to the double breaker for some “11s”

1 Merk 10 Burps, 2 Merks 9 Burps, 3 Merks 8 Burps 4 Merks 9 Burps 5 Merks 8 Burps Yikes thats called by YHC( just plain done with that) PAX did squats while the mid 11 crew finished up.

Rock Pile for some 45’s  Tarzan, Chief, and others grabbed pendents (rocks suitable for jewelry)

15 1/2 curls from bottom 15 1/2 curls to top and 15 full curls.

Mosey over to THE TURF for some DORA 1-2-3’s  – Partner up

100 Merks alternating Partner runs 50 Yds

200 Squats alternating Partner runs 50 Yds

300 LBCs alternating Partner runs 50 Yds.

Somewhere amongst the DORAs our FNG “saw stars”,,,,,BIG DIPPER it is!

And HAMMER proves to deserve his RESPECT!

Mosey 12 way to yonder flag for some LT DANS…feels like i lost my legs.

YHC shouting Down – Squat – jump to Lung Right – Jump to Lung Left   REPEETO for 20

Some mumble chatter about last weeks sore legs after EHLO jumpers and some LT DANs.

Pre mosey chatter about the brisk #gloom and need to buy tights? Tarzan rocked his sweats!

Too Cold for Sweeper – “Shoe Less Joe” me thinks.

OH jail break to Flag left all breathless so on your six for a few Marys.


Praying for young girl who lost her father this weekend, recovery for Chief, Hurricane evacuees, and JOB searches for Hammer and Big Dipper

Cafeteria enjoyed by Tarzan, Big Dipper, Hammer, 4/10 (wants promotion to 12 guage…after he Qs, and Chief joined in for some choco milko and Darth.





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