Bearded baby with Crack

When: 10/08/16

QIC: Babyface & Crack

PAX (): Bloodhound, Moonshine, Mufasa, Hotsauce, Swiper, Miller Time, Big D.I.F., FNG - Busey, Crack, Babyface

10 came together for early daylight savings practice at Widow-Maker. The activities had yet to begin when the mumble chatter about the new time commenced, mostly sour chatter for those not in attendance. So… Who will be the first to start a new Saturday beatdown with a 6-630 start time? Will it be at the same place? Will Norcross be overloaded in two weeks and they be the crew to start another Saturday option? Only time will tell. Of course, Swiper made it clear that he is on board with the extra 30 he cashed in this AM. Seconds from Crack and the FNG, smoothly dubbed Busey.

Apparently, an 0700 start time is just the excuse Busey has been looking for over the past year. He almost got a cool name like Johnny Utah though that one was taken. Welcome to F3! Better late than never. No later than 7 though, unless you are Miller Time. That dude just drove around staring at the PAX until he finally decided to park and join the warm-up. Could’ve been the Nair short shorts over there. 

We also had a refugee this glorious AM: Big D.I.F.! Damn, what a BA name thanks to F3 Alpha. Refugee or not, good to see you, bro!

Onto the Thang: Babyface starts with the reigns and takes us to the upper/big soccer field. Too bad it’s locked… does the park know 7am isn’t even early for this group. Audible to the turf field.

Warm ups:

15 count of SSH

10 count of Lunges

8 each of Copperhead Squats and Merkins


The first half of the Thang:

    Starting from the goal line do 3 lunges per leg followed by 1 star jump.  Next do 3 lunges per leg followed by 2 star jumps.  Continue this pattern of 3 lunges and +1 star jump until you reach mid field.  When you reach mid field run to the far goal line.  Plank for 6.  Once all of the Pax has made it rinse and repeat with 3 long jumps in place of lunges and burpees in place of star jumps, again adding 1 burpee each round until you reach the mid line, then sprint to the far goal line, plank for 6. 1 more time for good measure this time with 3 inch worms and +1 plank jacks, again go to mid field, sprint to goal, plank for 6.

    Once that fun is done, mosey to the rock pile near the turf field.  Partner up and pick a big rock, don’t be shy the rocks are fun to play with.  Time for some modified Dora.  The partners will together complete 50 thrusters, 100 press, and 150 squats.  

Babyface: Hey Crack, can I go over 30 minutes?

Crack/Cool Candle from Beauty and the Beast: Be our guest!

Babyface: Real Dora then boys! And I want the biggest rock in the pile. And I want Crack as my partner.

Crack/Lame Clock from Beauty and the Beast: Wait, what?

100 thrusters, 200 press, and 300 squats one member performs the exercise the other will run the long loop until he reaches his partner.  Flapjack until all repetitions are completed. Plank for six. Big D.I.F. was trying to claim he and Hot Sauce had a “dense” rock… sureeeeeee

Hand the baton to Crack and mosey to the now unlocked upper soccer field. Break up into 3 groups of similar speed. Group 1 starts at one goal line doing flutter kicks until the fast group (group 3) returns.  Group 2 runs with group 3 to the other side of the field but stays there doing Freddy mercuries.  When group 3 returns to the starting point they release group one to run and switch spots with group 2. This sounds more confusing when you type it out than when you perform it.  The switch continues for a few rounds of different exercises that I can’t completely recall now.  Eventually we stop and most to the concession stand 40’s of mule kicks and squat jumps.  Finally mosey to the flag for rosalita & box cutters.


  • Prayers for bloodhounds mother in law (Dot) going through bone marrow surgery this week
  • Prayers for everyone already hit by hurricane Mathew and those still in its path
  • Praise for Mufasa and his wife on their 28th anniversary


  • There is a mud run (Spartan race) March 18th that has been brought up as a good chance for a CSAUP. See YHC (Babyface) for info if interested.
  • F3 Alpha will partake in the 26th Annual Rivers Alive clean-up next week: Details here. Plan to head to Rock Mill Park with your brothers in the gloom after next week’s beatdown. Contact Crack if interested in joining. 0830-1130
  • Also have a 2nd F @ Boomer’s that same Saturday (10/15). Chili Cook Off. 1900 (7PM). DM Boomer for details.

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