10/8/16 Widow-Maker PB

When: 10/07/16

QIC: Babyface, Crack

PAX (): No cheerleaders, male or female, that's for sure

Many things have been happening around F3’s northern most GA region as of late. Last week the men of F3 Alpha showed out at the Metro-ATL convergence in spite of the fact so many regulars were out of town. Quite impressive was the turnout from the Alpha-most region.

Next slight adjustment is changing Saturday’s post time to 0700, or 7 AM for those that aren’t familiar with military time. Babyface will get us started and Crack will end things. For the PB and BB readers out there, there are a few reasons for the time change:

  1. Almost every other region of F3 flourishes on Saturdays, whereas it is traditionally the Alpha’s least active day. We have recognized that we are missing opportunities for invigoration. (See mission statement.) The Mothaship encouraged us to push the time back in order to appeal to more sad clowns. Done.
  2. Less intimidating. Sad to some, better to others, we will have 2 or 3 ten counts on these Saturday beatdowns. It will still be challenging, we will still keep the 6, and there will be none of the BS where the Q thinks everyone should have to stay behind him. A good Q can challenge all PAX, even those much faster than he. “Follow me” is #mascot mentality!
  3. We need to tap into guys beyond their 30’s. If you’ve read Freed to Lead, you are familiar with the crew analogy. They like to start at 0700.

As we increase our Saturday numbers, we will also be able to increase our AOs into Cherokee Co, E Cobb, Buford, and beyond. Find a sad clown and be a part of the success. Get involved with the expansion into Norcross (10/22) and Chattanooga (date TBD). Bring-an-FNG challenges are on the horizon…

In the near future, expect a beast like Boomer to push for an additional beatdown starting in the earlier hours of Saturday mornings. Just don’t expect 10 counts at that workout.

As far as the workout, don’t expect Crack to do any spelling like he is also a Cheerleader. That crap stops at the Forsyth County line. Nor should you expect him to tag, within his BB, the region of every town he has ever seen on a 3rd grade map. The only way he will tag Atlanta, Clemson, Columbia, Jacksonville, 3 Charlotte regions, Boulder, Dallas, and Lake Murray all on the same BB, is if there is a visitor from one of those glorious regions. Not naming names, but a guy with the initials DV is not actually Crack’s blood. He doesn’t post on Saturday’s anyway.

See you tomorrow… unless you are DV

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