Rubbing is Racing

When: 10/06/16

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Dos si do, Boomer, Blue Steel, Hot Sauce, Babyface, Moonshine, The Hoff, Tater Tot, Transformer

-mozy toward the track, circle up around the flagpole
-side straddle hop, cotton picker, imperial walker
-mozy to the track, lunge walk across the field to the wall

-balls to the wall (nicely done, Dos si do)
-tandem Indian run, back two guys crossing before sprinting to front
-4 laps total.  squats waiting on the six.
-mozy to the sitting walls for some dips and step-ups
-off to the hill next to the FOD
-hill Dora w/partner – 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs
-plank for the six
-next head inside the FOD for some Tool Racing
-partner carry to 1st, 5 burpees.
-wheelbarrow to 2nd, 4 burpees.
-switch, other partner carry to 3rd, 3 burpees
-other wheelbarrow home, 2 burpees
-sprint to the flag for 5 MOM – Freddie Mercury, reverse LBC, dying cockroach, American hammer

Prayers for those affected by the hurricane and praise for Babyface as he and his wife celebrate 9 years of marriage today.  2nd F event at Boomer’s house next Saturday, chili cook-off & football.

Beautiful morning, temperature in the low 60’s.  Great group of men.  YHC is very impressed with some of our new crop like Blue Steel, Moonshine & The Hoff.  Mad respect.  YHC can sense there will be some VQs in the coming weeks.  Welcome Tater Tot and Transformer from North Carolina.

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