T.I.G.E.R.S R.O.L.L “42-36” Over Louisville Cardinals

When: 10/04/16

QIC: Darth Visor - Orange

PAX (): Sweeper AKA "No Shoes", The Body, Clyde, Swiper, Rueben, Tarzan, Hammer, FNG - Flat Ball, Rubicon Legends: Law Dog and Crack

ESPN GAME DAY – Tigers to # 3 – After epic #beatdown of upstart Louisville that beckons for a T.I.G.E.R.S   R.O.L.L #beatdown in the Big Creek Gloom. Swiper Preblast brings the curious RUBICON legends Crack and Law Dog. Sweeper showes up with Shovel Flag and “No Shoes” (sweeper) plants flag in bare feet, completes W/O in Socks!!! Welcome FNG – Flat Ball he’s from NEW ENGLAND.

10 PAX showed up on time….CRACK not so much! As Crack begins making his way to the PAX we enjoyed a little warm up with SSH, Cotton Pickers, Imperial hill billys?

Law Dog continues his vigilance on the cadence count and form! Mumble Mumble Mumble.

Let’s grab Howard’s Rock and run down the hill for the most exciting 45 minutes at 5:30 AM!

TTrain Tracks / Tunnel of Love 100 yards each way.

I Iron Hulk (1:4  Merkins to Shoulder Air Press) mumble chatter quiets a bit after 6 or 7 sets pressing air is really difficult at the end.

GGenuine (Squat with chest press rock) Guest Q – CRACK showed off his Rock

EEhlo (jump shots) How many points did we let LOUISVILLE Score? 36 each side.

R –  Rockee’s – Fortunately Clemson held back the throttle so only 42 Burps with a Rock. great job by future Q’s The Body, Clyde ,Hammer, and Rueben.

SStar Jacks (squat to Star jump) <<<NOT PLANK JACKS>>> it’s and S.  a lot of them


RRapid Fire Rock Set   (curls / press / Tri’s / chest press)

O Ollie Norths (carry man from the battle field) Partner up 30 YDS and Back rinse and repeat

L –  LBCs (with rocks)

LLt. Dans    – (squats with R lunge and L Lunge) mumble chatter regarding naming convention and determined that it feels like you have no legs after this awkward exercise. SQUAT 2 3 One Squat 2 3 Two

Most PAX enjoyed the # beatdown some donned there cheerleading skirts and shook their pom poms into the mumble chatter abyss.

Hail Mary’s for all that finished…TARZAN is a TENNESSEE FAN sorry UGA dudes.

COT – Law Dogs coworker cancer treatments, Hammer – job search, other.

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