Pure Burn

When: 10/4/2016

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Cookie, MASH, Miller Time, Moonshine, SoSoDef, Foghorn, Hoff, Fondue, Blue Steel, DoSiDo

Beautiful morning for a beatdown, under the stars. 10 PAX fought the fartsack for their #DRP, and YHC realized Alpha may have a new group of regulars at the Rubicon.. they showed in force today.


Plank Compass.
From plank position rotate around the compass, with the feet serving as the center point. Move to the  point the Q calls, and perform the exercise. South=Plank Jacks, East=Merkins, West=Peter Parkers, North=Mt. Climbers.

Mosey to Grits Pavilion.

The Thang:

Find a partner for DORA. One partner does 25 Pure Burns, calf raises in a squat position. Other partner performs 100 toe taps, 200 step ups, 300 calf raises. Rotate with partner after 25 Pure Burn until exercises complete. “Pure Burn” is right!

Mosey to FOD. Line up on right foul line.

YHC asked himself last night.. What’s the “Lieutenant Dan” for the arms?? After searching the exicon on F3Nation.com, it appeared there was no name?? YHC called it “Stonewall Jackson” in honor of the man’s missing arm. #RIP

Stonewall Jackson.. 1 merkin, 4 crawls.. 1:4 ration, up to 10 merkins/40 crawls. YHC lost most of the PAX on this one somewhere in center field.. They may be becoming regulars, but that bear crawl needs some work men! Don’t fret.. the body adapts quickly at the Rubicon! You’ll be half bear in no time..

Mosey to center field, circle up.

Upside down pyramid.. 1 burpee, 5 merkins, 10 squats.. 2 burpees, 6 merkins, 11 squats.. 3 burpees, 7 merkins, 12 squats.. Up to 5, 10, and 15.

Mosey to right field line.

Sprint to left field line through center. 5 burpees, OYO.
Sprint to right field line. 10 merkins, OYO.
Sprint to left field line. 10 squats, OYO.
Sprint to right field line..

The PAX really pushed on the sprint!

On your six.

LBC x 20
Flutter x 20
Boat/Canoe x 10

Back to parking lot to finish.


Prayers of gratitude for influence. Prayers for SoSoDef’s family/friend in need of God’s influence on a tough bout with cancer.


  • Double #RESPECT to SoSoDef for pushing the sprint. Its easy to let yourself slack on the sprint, but that guy is growing before our very eyes.
  • Cookie with a soccer match tonight, but those calves may not cooperate after this morning’s beatdown!
  • MASH.. Where’s the VQ? You’re ready.. and the PAX is wanting!
  • Miller Time showed he’s a pro with the Q last week. It’s yours whenever you want it! Dude also a leader in the sprints.
  • Moonshine back on a weekday after his first post on a Saturday. I have a feeling he’ll stick around.. and we are better with him in the PAX.
  • Hoff also showing consistency, and YHC enjoyed partnering up. Baywatch body in no time!
  • Okay, Fondue.. VQ next Tuesday?? Let’s talk.. Awarded the Cal Ripken award for ultimate consistency. Also would like to see you on Saturday’s at #Widowmaker.
  • Blue Steel also leading several sprints.. I believe this guy likes to run.. Love being humbled by those older and wiser than YHC.
  • And what more can we say about DoSiDo, that hasn’t already been said? #HIM. Love getting passed on the run by DoSiDo..

Later.. Foghorn

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