Oh the places you will go

When: 09/29/16

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): The Pax of F3 Alpha

So way back at the 2.0 work out there was a conversation that went like this:

Crack “why don’t you take the q for this next quarter.” Law Dog “not sure, I could probably take it with some help.”

Over the last 3 months YHC has had help from Nacho, Do-Si-Do (VQ), Boomer (marys when YHC overdid it), Hickory Stick (birthday Q), Darth Visor (tires and respect), and Grits (moving q).  During this time we have been to the warplane, brokeback mountain, the merkin mile, the track at the rec center, the backside of brokeback mountain (yes there is such a place), the field of dreams, the rock pile, the playground, and even ran in the dark to the grand stands of the Horse Park.  There has not been much the Rubicon has to offer, that has not been tackled…..Oh yeah, there is one field trip YHC has kept trying to plan and has not worked out. Show up tomorrow for YHC last quarterly q prepared to run, CLIMB and Robert Plant.

See you in the gloom.

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