No run= mo’ fun…0.0

When: 09/28/2016

QIC: Flo

PAX (): el Matador, Piggy, Sunshine, Mr. Drummond, Happy, Chipper, Squirrel, Simba, the Dab, Sneakers, Tightrope

12 PAX set their alarms and showed up for a 0.0 #beatdown for the ages (or at least for the week).  Dab’s M made her return from her trip and therefore our #shovelflag returned as well.  Just in time our ATL metro convergence this weekend.  We didn’t go far, but we went hard.

***0.0 = workout completed without traveling more than 0.10 miles of distance

The Thang….

Quick Mosey around the parking area to the “common ground” for a round robin of warm-ups:


  • SSH: x15
  • Mountain Climbers: x20
  • Side Plank toe touches(R): x15
  • Side Plank toe touches(L): x15
  • Merkins: x15
  • Arm Circles (Front): x20
  • Arm Circles (Back): x20
  • Hillbillies: x15
  • Copperhead Squats: x15

Balls to the wall: Piggy won the challenge!  However, does anyone actually win a BTTW challenge.

3 rounds of “Q Says”:

Air chair with quick feet (30 second rounds).  Quarter turns either left or right depending on what the Q calls.  If anyone messes up the penalty was set at 10 merkins for the group.

Elevator super 21s:

Up the Elevator:  Altogether, but counting on your own

  • Jump up squats, Handwalks up and down on the curb, Pike toe touches, and both leg Mountain Climbers- 1 of each/3 of each/6…/9…/12…/15…/18…/21…- plank hold for the 6 after each number group.
  • Apparently this exercise grouping brings out the worst in Squirrel (literally).  I heard some #mumble chatter petitioning for a rename to Skunk.  Thankfully, YHC was off on a separate island due to limited space on the curb with all the other PAX.  However, a man showed up in a truck and parked where he could see YHC and not the other PAX.  He sat there for a minute and videotaped what I was doing.  YHC is expecting a cease and desist or a cover on the Johns Creek Harold, not sure which.  Weird.

Partner carries

  • Partnered up and did a lap with our partners on our back.  Switched at the start to give our buddy a chance to play.
  • Mr. Drummond hangs on like a koala bear and has a well-balanced center of gravity.  FYI- if you have to carry a PAX he is a good one to carry.  YHC is apparently heavier than he looks.

Duckwalks: Same lap, different exercise, no partners.  We halted mid-way and busted out 10 Merkins.

Mosey back for some Merry: 2 PAX (Simba and El Matador) engaged in a good ole fashion foot race.

IN CADENCE- QIC threw the keys to the PAX.  One called and led an exercise, then called out the next PAX.

  • 15 Freddie Mecury’s
  • 15 Dollies
  • 10 Dying Cockroaches
  • 10 LBCs
  • 10 Squats

I can’t remember who called what, but I think El Matador, Chipper, Simba, the Dab, and Sneakers put us to work and worked on their cadence game.

Moleskin: Convergence this weekend at 7am-Riverside Park.  Looking to launch in Norcross next month, get the word out.

COT:  Thanks to those that shared their struggles with where they are and where they think God is leading them (you know who you are).  It sounds like you guys have been soul searching and that’s good #third F stuff.  Let’s truly be each other’s keeper and continue to build each other up.  We don’t always know what is around the corner, but we can proceed boldly knowing a band of brothers will be there to pick us up or kick us in the butt.  We can praise during the struggle because we know there is a plan in place and that nothing happens by chance.  God is good, he reigns.

Psalm 23:3  he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.

Honored to be with you this A.M.  See you in the gloom!

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