T.R.U.M.P workout he’s about 70 right?

When: 09/27/16

QIC: Darth Visor - Swiper - and various QIT's

PAX (): Reuben, 4-10, Clyde, THE BODY, Sweeper, Darth and Swiper

Well with all the PAX staying up for the DEBATE we thought we might just run our own poll and see how the PAX likes TRUMP now! Most were unhappy after finishing this political beat down.

What had happened was….after a shovel flag plant by Reuben the PAX was led into the Gloom by Swiper for some warm ups and QIT – Q in Training.

SSH – Cotton Pickers – Imperial Walkers – QIT (4-10 ) in action for the windmill 1-2-3-4…

PAX picked up a coupon for a trek to the magic grass!

T – Tunnel of Love 100Yds and Train Tracks back. ( lots of huffy puffy )

R – Rockee’s in a throw back to BDay Q we select Donalds ~ age 70 Let’s just say 70 burpee’s with       a rock is a great way to start the day. (7 Sets of 10) Various QITs leading the sets Ruben,               Clyde, et all.

U – UP THE DANG HILLS (PAX left coupons at top of hill for the UP THE HILLS) several trips up           the hill 1) 50 ROCK A BYE SITUPS 2) 25 Rock Curls 3) 25 Skull Crushers 4) 25 squat presses.

M – MERKINS!! he’s 70? Circle MERK for 70.

P – Plank Jacks…you guessed it QIT Clyde led us all the way to 70

Jail break to flag for some Mary’s

YHC went looking for the Glass of Merlot but came up empty.

Swiper led em thru the mary’s

COT: sweeper on jury duty (murder), The Body headed to Boston – safe travel, thanks for health, and those who protect our freedoms and have paid the ultimate sacrifice.


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  1. Uhhhh… Hey Darth… We’re there guys from Atlanta, South Charlotte, Fort Mill, and Lake Murray in attendance among your 7 BC regulars? Or, are you just tag happy on your BBs?


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