It’s About Miller Time

When: 09/27/16

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): Foghorn, Flo, Nacho, Cookey, Law Dog, Big South, Mufasa, Boomer, Hickory, Mash, Do-si-do, Green Bean, Blue Steel, Miller Time

Many thanks to all 13 PAX who joined YHC for his VQ on a perfect fall morning at the rube. A lot to be joyous about to wake up to find out the Falcons got a Road win on Monday Night TV.

Mosey to the rock pile to find a medium size companion and on to the parking lot for some Warm up IC:


The Thang: After a Mosey to the Community Center, we partnered up and split duties While one partner ran the lap, the other did an exercise with their rock companion
Each Partner did 3 laps as well as curls, skull crushers and presses

Repeat except this time each partner ran 3 laps with their companion while the other partner did Walking Mercans, Burpees and then Squats. Lot’s of deep breathing at the end of this sequence.

Mosey on back to the warm up parking lot for three corners (not four) as a pax with Rock.Lunge walk to first corner, 25 deadlifts Side hop to second corner, 25 ballerina squats in honor of Hickory Stick’s fancy dance movements Other side hop to third corner for 25 more curls

Mosey to redeposit said companion and back to the flag.

Mary: Rosalita Dolly Box Cutter LBC Reverse LBC

-Continued prayers for Boomer’s family in a difficult time losing a loved one
-Prayers for Flo in working thru a stressful period with work and family and life.
-Thanks to Mufasa for coming out to my VQ even though he could only stay thru the hardest part
– Belated Congrats to Nacho on his Wedding and wishing him a safe trip to Aruba

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