Wedding Day Beatdown Pre Blast

When: 09/24/16

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Anyone that wants to join the fun!

So here we go…YHC is getting married tomorrow. I first want to say how honored I am to be able to Q on my wedding day. Crack EH’d me to my first beatdown over a year ago and since then F3 has become apart of my life. I am honored to call the members of F3 Alpha my brothers. I can’t think of a better way to leave bachelorhood and move into the life of marriage than a F3 beatdown. Now on YHC’s bachelor party a few of the men from F3 Alpha took the plunge in Asheville. Two things I expect for Saturday’s beatdown. 1. The Pax’s will feel better (at least YHC) and 2. The beatdown will be epic!

For the beatdown…(How appropriate is it that we will be at the Widowmaker!?!?!?) The Pax will head to the pitch (a.k.a soccer field, I was informed of the name by one of our soccer greats FLO) and there will be no Side Straddle Hops, Windmills, Hillbillies, or Cotton Pickers. Maybe long slow deep cotton pickers for Crack. After a quick warm up we will head to the baseline, not goalline DC2, for a few activities across the pitch.

After our time on the pitch we will take a short mosey through the biodiverse forest of the Widowmaker and eventually partner up. With YHC taking the plunge I only think it is appropriate that we work with our partners through the difficult times in the beatdown. Sometimes you have to fireman’s carry a loved one and in some marriages you have to Baby carry. And what would a marriage be if you didn’t have buddy to carry? And lastly what if your wheel barrow is broken?

Finally the Pax’s will make our way to the Jungle Gym to enjoy the fun parts of our marriage. The anticipation is that we will only spend a few minutes having fun. Then the Pax will make our way back to the flag for a last minute beat down. I can promise that the men of F3 won’t be partaking in any Mary. F3Alpha has to have better showing for the footballers that witnessed our Yoga slowed down last weekend.

Until tomorrow….

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